Monday, July 30, 2012

I have just started to make my own alcohol inks....and it works! It is pure alcohol and the insides of a few cheap felt-tipped pens. The Pound Shop is selling 43 of them for..guess what?...a pound!

The results for my own yellow and purple alcohol ink!yeh!!!!

"Stuff" drying!

My watercolour eco-dyed paper opened and dried. Really pleased with results.

My sewing machine has been cleaned and over hauled and is working better now than when l bought in 1987, in Papua New Guinea.

Paper l decorated for use in other art work. It is so nice to have started on my own Art again!

Today's bundles waiting to be opened.

REALLY pleased with these results.

Picked some of the first blackberries to ripen  today...looking forward to the great blue/purple dye they produce and of course eating some!

Never noticed these sculptures on the Libary Wall in Roehampton before! Great green them! Well done Tony for spotting them tonight.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

July 3rd..Paint, paint and more paint!

Today, l had a one off session in my studio. My after-school Tuesday Club wanted a messy play session that they see the younger children having. So messy clothes on, lots and l mean lots of paint, loads of smiles and what did we have...LOADS OF FUN!!!!!

After being cleaned up, which took at least half an hour....we settled down to some good old fashioned Art and Craft activities! ha and me on crutches too!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

I have another excuse for not blogging so much.....ouch

The pain didn't kick in for a few it really hurts! See the fracture clinic on Wenesday when l hope l will have it sorted. Not a nice break so l was told by the staff, when they saw the x-ray!