Sunday, December 30, 2012

Art and leading up to Christmas.

This is one of the pages from my handmade journals. I started out making these particular journal as examples for my workshops....but they have been so much fun to create.

These are Sky Lanterns which my family let off, when we spent some time together in Devon. The children rented the cottage to celebrate my 60th birthday in November. It was a very restful time when we had lots of food, some good wine and lots of laughter. Thank you Jenny, Andrew, Gemma and my husband Tony for an amazing long weekend!

I found these amazing patterns on the white part of a zebra crossing! Thankfully the traffic was slow!

My landlord had arranged to re-suface the tarmac outside my studio...just forgot to tell me! Had to shut studio..grr!

A lasting memory of the day...a tar footprint of my own foot on my own doorstep!!! Took awhile to get it off my foot.

During one of my After-School Clubs, this painting was created. I thought it was wonderful to see how after she had painted her sun, she suddenly realised, "Oops...l forgot the sky". See how she over came her problem...brillant!

We had some frost awhile ago and l picked up some beautiful leaves.

So once they had thawed, l made a few bundles. I am trying a new way of wrapping each page, once created, is covered with clingfilm. Let's see what happens! Exciting.

This is the pile of leaves, which will now be pressed for later use.

Christmas was on the l made some example Christmas Trees for the children to make. I became addicted very quickly! Ha!

I also found some clear plastic baubles, which l decided to decorate. Some l covered in glitter and put a white feather inside.

Some l put paint inside and glitter on the outside. Was very pleased with the end results.

The baubles were to go on my Modern style Christmas tree l created this year. Some of the children liked it, a few didn't and the rest are not sure. Ha!

When the lights were turned on in Putney, one of the activities the children could do, was make these "banners". Thought they were beautiful but as most people live in flats here....wonder where they will keep them!

More of what l did up to and after Christmas later......bye!

I cannot believe it has been soooooooooooo long since l wrote this blog! So much has happened. artyfizz my Art School and Studio is doing very well and l have some wonderful students.

 My husband has had some heart problems and we have had some very scary momements but..touch wood....things are getting better. The other news is my son and daughter-in-law are off to Australia (Sdyney as a photographer ) to work and live! A tiny bit of me is sad but MOST of me is HAPPY!!!!!! It is such a great oppurtunity for them both.

Now onto my Art.

Look what l found in the second-hand shop......a copper pot! Dyeing water-colour paper, leaves and a few tea-bags.

This is the copper pot filled with water and tea-bags. I am also experimenting with putting the bundle in a plastic bag, before steaming or boiling.

This is other saucepan l found in the secondhand shop, at the same time l bought the copper pot. Have not used it yet but there is plenty of time!

Been experimenting also with papier mache and masks, as the children always want to make them. I want to find a "smoother" way of using the paper, getting there slowly!

My jeans today!

I have also been  "Playing" with materials and mediums, in preperation for teaching my "Yes you can"Art Experimental class, that is starting soon.

Nov 2nd was my 60th birthday and my daughter came to my celebrate!

Look what l found today..isn't it gorgeous!?

When out walking the other day, look what l found in one of our flower beds.....almost heart shaped and l love the purple edging!

This is one of the young ladies who came to take part in my experimental art class.

She was a bit hesitant but after a while she was laughing and throwing paint around and really enjoying herself.

Well there is loads more but l won't overload you.  Happy New Year to you all and have loads of art and crafting sessions. xx

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just do it!

I learnt a lesson for myself today....."Just do it". By that l meant l had been worrying what others thought about my work. It had stopped me working on my journals. As l sat and looked at this page, l sort of went into a trance and it just sort of happened. So .....just go for it!

Really pleased with how this page is going......more to do yet.

Had a fun time making dancing dolls with some of my young after school children. Reminded me of when my own children were young. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just things!

Sorry l haven't been here for art school "artyfizz"has been taking up most of my time. The next few images are of the beautiful trees and plants around my home.

This is a mask that l am working on.

An eco-dyeing experiment.

We are having the tennis court on the Estate where l live refurbished. I found the material around the tennis court fasinating.

I was up in the Center of London the other day and l was reminded how lucky l am living in such a free country. You wouldn't see this image below if you lived in France!

These patterns are in front of Cashpoint machines, I think they are very cheerful.

Just to raise the tone!