Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First clients at "artyfizz" studios

At last l have had some young clients at my exciting. This is the main room ready for action.

 Baby, "messy" area ready for those little fingers and toes!
 My first 'customer'... Little baby Jayne with her foot prints... so cute.
Learning all about new textures and colours.
 Testing out which bell tastes best. And l thought it was all about the sound... silly me!
 It was so funny watching Jayne trying to catch the bubbles... she loved them.
 This is the painting that Jayne did with her fingers, all on her own.
 In between sessions, l did some dyeing with papers, canvas  and greenery.
 Earlier dyeing, drying.
 Two more little artists visiting my studio for messy and sensory play...

 Little blue toes having done some printing.
 Look mum... my tiny toes!
 A future budding artist. He did this all my himself. He seemed to really enjoy the sensation of paint on his fingers
 Loving the free play with paint. Mums' very proud of their little future Picassos in the making.
 Learning and playing at the same time.

 My after school class today was helping Freddie and Daisy to make their Easter Hats for their school's easter hat parade tomorrow. They needed a little help to construct the hats but the decorations and design were all their own work and ideas.

 In fact they insisted on wearing them home! I was very happy to see how happy they were, creating.
 The aftermath of having fun! Ha!

I am so pleased l found this drying rack at Argos... Much, much cheaper than buying one from the Art shops. Not perfect but does the job!
 Daisy enjoyed mixing colours and using paintbrushes she had never used before. Not sure how long the paint will take to dry! Ha!
 Went through Richmond Park on the way home... such a beautiful evening and the deer looked so peaceful. The perfect end to a wonderful day.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh Summer is on it's way...beautiful tree on the way to my studio.

Today l had an Open morning at my studio and l was a bag of nerves. This is the area around the front of my studio and I am lucky to have such great neighbours
I have plans to paint this entrance a brighter colour...if my neighbours will let me.....fingers crossed. I need to try and cheer it up and make it a nicer entrance!

Welcome everyone.......x
Tony caught me workingxx
The following images are of my whole studio.

And last but not alter ego!Ha!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Studio Opening on this Saturday!!!!Please spread the word if in London!!

Well getting nearer...Open Morning on this Saturday 24th...phew! This is the inside of my front door...filling up with interesting Art articles. Also one of my wall hangings over the"arrival" table! 

This is the door to my loo!Ha! With a beautiful wall hanging l was given as a leaving present many years ago, when we left Dubai. Also hanging on the loo door with my a bilum bag from my time in PNG.
 The sign over a very "short" door leading into my inner sanctum!
 A few home items from my travels.
 My "area" next to my desk!
 My alter ego!
 Half a wall in the children's "Messy" room.......painted with blackboard more coat to go!
More to do tomorrow..ready by Saturday..l hope!