Saturday, October 26, 2013

Putney Station and an Art Gallery!

Today was the first time l have been to Putney Railway Station, since they changed the way we access Patform 2 and the other platforms. Wonder when it will all be finished ?

Love peeling paint and paper!

I was in Angel today, to visit my daughter and look what l saw! That is quite an axe!

Another person killed on our roads ... on a bike l think. So sad.

Look at all this being thrown out from an Art Gallery. It is all the pieces that come out of frames beeing cut and a few actual frames. When l asked the Gallery if l could take them from there rubbish bags which were outside their shop, here is the conversation.
Me ... "Can l take these pieces of card from your rubbish bag"?
Her ..." But it is rubbish. Why would you want it, it's rubbish"?
Me ... " I run a small studio for children and adults and l would love your rubbish."
Her ... " But it's rubbish as l said but l suppose you can have it".
Me........VERY HAPPY.
I just do not understand why they don't sell them ... give them to a school or studio ... just don't throw them away!  End of rant!

I also visited two Art shops today, so l am a very happy bunny.