Sunday, August 12, 2012

A mix and match of the last few weeks!

Look at how much my Indigo has grown! The book has just arrived and hopefully it will help me to turn the leaves to paste!

 Me, caught at work!

I have painted two walls of my studio sunshine yellow.

Look what we found in the flat's compost heap. It is good that l took an image this morning, as it had gone this afternoon!

This afternoon, after putting up my paper rack at the studio, we went for a drive and walk around Richmond Park. What a beautiful place to rest your bike and rest your body.
Wonder what this piece of plaited rope comes from? I have added it to my "Lost and Found" box which is in my studio.
A beautiful fungus.

This spider's web seems to be covered in, what looks like, sawdust!

Interesting dog walkers!

An interesting spiders web.

Ragweed and caterpillars.

It appears that there was or is a census of the trees in Richmond Park. I think this because a lot of trees now have a new yellow tag, rather than a silver one as usual! That must be a lot of work!

 When we were walking through the park, l spotted this white thing in the grass. Too big for a golf ball and too small for a football...ah!..a puff ball fungus. I have put my hand by it, so you can see how big the puff ball was.

Spotted this fungus as we were leaving the car park in Richmond Park. At one time l think it must have filled the whole base of the tree.It is now in the depth of decay.
Then, just as we were about to leave the park without seeing any deer... this is what we saw.

And just to complete a wonderful day..look what flowered at the flat today!!!!!!!!
Happy Sunday

 I got to go to the Olympics! Yeh! This a pictorial guide to my day at the Gymnastics Finals in what used to be called The Dome!
The excitement started at the station...people were really getting in the mood! There were flags of every colour all over the place.

Then we were there. The arena is under the white dome ( to your left of this image) with the yellow looking ladders coming out of it. And that is the back of my gorgeous husband who managed to get us two tickets.Mind you, no going out for a while until we have paid for them!!

This is was one of the images along the wall into the Dome......all the posters were of great people in the British Music Industry.

They have erected a walkway over the top and down the otherside.....what a walk! Must do it when my foot is better.

We found a pub to eat in and watched the amazing road race on large screens. So much excitment and l haven't even started to see the gymnastics yet!
I must admit, having this beast above me did put me off my beefburger...just a little bit!!!!
So many people, so many nationalities,so many colours and so much happiness...all in one place! I am loving the Olympics!

How weird is this? A zebra crossing in the middle of a walkway,going the wrong way across the road! It was just a small strip, wonder what they used it for?

Starting to queue to have our bags etc checked and then we are in!

Then it was time to go to our seats......up we go!
                                                               And then we were!
They put a small show/demonstration on before the main event started...beautiful!
                                            THEN IT BEGAN!

 I have always watched gymnastics and loved it but my goodness l have never seen it like this before. I was just bowled over by what l saw. The Men's High Bar was won by a Dutchman, Epke Zonderland with an incredible rountine, which you can see on the internet.  The following images are some of the performances.

                                             This is the section just for the commentators!!!!
Above the area were screens that showed the performers,plus gave us all the details we needed such as,names,country and points scored.

                       Go America!

In the seat below us was a mother and her young daughter of about 3ish.She was really good but towards the end she needed distractions,that is where her mum's hair came into play!Ha!

Then came the woman's floor exercises.We also saw the men's parallel bars and the women's beam.                                  
Flag waving of many different a German flag and an Israeli flag together!

Then it was all over...sigh! But there was still alot to see on the way out and back home.

Even the pigeons were having fun on the roof leading down to the tube station.
What an amazing way to spend a day! I am quite out of words to describe what l saw!!!!!!WOW!