Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Doodling !

Doodle time !

Happy doodling!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Bank Holiday weekend

We are off to collect a good friend of mine's daughter ... my husband put the address into his iphone. All would have been well, if the phone would charge ... but the wire was not working ... oops! Back to good old basic's ... a map!! Well ... any one who knows me, will be laughing by now. I am hopeless at reading maps and l don't know my left from my right! It did not bode well. BUT then ... my ipad came into it's own. And we were again connected to the internet ... phew!!!

I needed a coffee .......

Refreshed and sane again, we continued on our journey to pick up a very special 15 year old.

This Army vehicle may give you a clue, about where we were heading off too!

Loved the name on the side of this trailer! Brilliant!

Old Sarum Castle or as my family used to call it ... the humps and bumps!!

Beautiful countryside.

Beautiful villages.

We had arrived ... picked her up and heading home again.

Next day ... we were off to Central London ... to visit Make-up stores and Tate London. But first Trafalgar Square and all the wonderful Art that goes on there. :)

The new "sculpture"  on the Fourth Plinth.

Then it was back home and the next day ... we did loads of Art together. 

Then it was Sunday and sadly it was time to go back home. It was fun having a teenager around but not sure l could do it all the time! :) I am too used to being my own boss and the quiet! :)

Here we go!

Love all these straight lines.

So many on these on the road but not all of them, as old as this wonderful one!

Loads and loads of solar panels, on these buildings.

Coffee Time.

But it took a little longer to get there, than we expected ... because of this police vehicle.  It appeared someone needed help !!

Isn't a Rainforest always living?!

We saw many scooters, like this on the road ... reminded me of the days, when over Bank Holidays there were LOADS of scooters on the roads! ... they were even wearing Parkers! :)

Isn't this tree weird but brillant too! Small fat trees, all along the road.

Back on the Motorway!

Oh... a sexy smart car!

Nature by the Motorway.

 Beautiful villages

See loads of these on the roads in London but very few anywhere around here!

Haven't seen one of these gas cylinders for years. Lines again!

Beautiful countryside back again ! 

Army time again!

 Tony made me laugh when he asked ... " Is that a Prison Van or a Horse Box"? I ask you! :)

Lines and repeat patterns again ... Beautiful!

Me ... watching them ... watching me !

More wonderful lines!

Bikes and ...

... canoe's caming back from their Summer Holidays.

You cannot see the view but it is beautiful ... promise you! :)

 Trees in a straight line.

What a tough guy ... sweat shirt and a hat .... ! :)

Almost home!

Just a last note ... the sticks from my studio ... having a new life, in the grounds of my garden!

What a great weekend.