Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Woman's Exhibition in the Centre.

This is the exterior of The Pompidou Centre , where one of the exhibitions that l wanted to see was being held. It was an Exhibition by Woman Artists.
One of the first "sellers" to arrive outside the Centre, hopeing to part the tourists from their Euro's!
Facts about The Gallery in many different languages!
The Exhibition...these first two "women" figures are just amazing...l loved them!


Thought this next exhibit was very funny!

Next work has been made by one of my favorite women artists .....Louise Bourgeois.

Aren't these shadows absolutely amazing?

This was part of the Architectural session of the Woman's Art Exhibition. Beautiful work, wish l could work this delicate.
The next day's images are unfortunetly missing in Paris. Somewhere betweeen this gallery and the next day l lost my camera's digital card..bother! One of the things that did upset me, was the loss of images from our meal with Dayna and Howard. That's life l suppose, at least l have the memories. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day Three in Paris ..part 1... ..Start of the day.

Day three in Paris. This morning started off well and then got better. As we were standing at the bus stop, these two guys walked past us. I know it was Fashion Week but this l did not expect to see. Great clothes though! You have to admire their style!

This guy looks as if he should be in the Middle East and reminds me of many of the images l took when l lived in Dubai, many years ago.
 You can tell this is a very religous area of Paris because of these Anti-Abortion symbols drawn every where...especially outside Churches.
 I am not sure where this church is, Paroisse St Laurent close to Gare de l'Est I think, but there is a very funny story attached to it. I did look inside but, because there was a Mass about to start, l left. Sitting outside was a guy who was begging; along came some school children; "Hi" he said to them but they ignorned him; along comes the happiest, smiliest priest l have ever come across. He called all the children back, told them he was not pleased they had been so rude to Didier and made them say "Bonjour Didier". I was very impressed.

While we were on a bus, in a queue, l noticed this motorbike and his passenger. As they drove off, flapping from the passenger's arm was a large painting of an Angel!

We were on our way to the Pompidou Art Museum to see an Exhibition on Women Artists. I have always loved this building and l also love the installations on the pond outside. They all move and really look amazing! I especially loved the skull ..very Mexican Day of the Day.

 Can you see the people at the top of the building?.. That is where l was and then worked myself down..Gallery by Gallery!!!

This "sketched"car was outside the was solid but didn't move!

The area around the pond was always busy all the time, either with people eating their lunch there, school pafrties, parenrts and their children and tourists. The place had an amazing vibe about it.
 Don't you just love these "ships' funnels"?

This woman was standing outside the Museum and l felt as if l was back in the 1950's!
Tomorrow...inside the Gallery!