Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I had an amazing experience with the wild deer in Richmond Park.

I had an amazing time in Richmond Park and a close encounter with a deer, actually several deer. Tony took this image of me ( leaning on the rail in blue)with the male started to come towards me. A "hold your breath" moment! 
So beautiful and he seemed so unafraid of me.

Here are the rest of the boys all together on the grass.

I really was this close.

Looked at me with those amazing eyes and l just melted!

This is how close this deer got to these people.
The parents of this little girl allowed me to help her get near the deer. I almost got her within touching distence and the people behind me let their yappie dogs of the lead! couldn't you just hit some people!?

We decide to leave and drive through the rest of the Park and saw this couple being surrounded by another herd.

Hope you enjoyed my amazing visit to Richmond Park

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

My centre Court day at Wimbledon. Ladies Finals.

Had an amazing day at Wimbledon on Saturday. We managed to get Centre Court tickets, Tony was unable to come with me, so my daughter came with me. It was a fantastic Day.

 In the spirit of the day!
 Always wonmdered what they kept in these boxes! Now l know!
 They were very good this band..played some fun tunes. Kept us entertained until the game started.
 This is a view of the new cover/roof over Centre Court.
 Our security for the day!
 My beautiful daughter.
 Getting in the spirit of things.......Christmas/Mickey Mouse and tennis balls!

 Sunshine or expecting rain?

 Whoes in the Royal Box?....many interesting people!
 The match starts.....Maria against Petra.

 This soldier had a smile to die for!
 OH..lens envy!
 Look at all those camera's.....

 Even super stars have to tie their shoelaces up!

 Not sure if this man was here on the wrong day? It is a Scottish flag he is holding....Murry played the day before!

 Can you see that this camera is filming behind the scenes...why?
 Marie's fiance......
 Petra's dad!
 A Gurka looking after our safety. Opps..this looks as if these two men are about to have a dual! Ha!
 Two essentials today...suntan lotion and water. It was VERY hot and humid and we had a swarm of greenfly which was not nice.
 Petra's team celebrating when she won.

 End of the match!

 Holding up the winners plate.
 Arranging for the Ceremony.

 The Duke of Kent presenting the plates.

 Being interviewed by Sue Barker.

 Trying to get through the crowds after the game!
 Novak Djokovic..such a worthy winner and a really nice guy.
 He stopped and signed this young lad's hat ( this young lad was in a wheelchair) sweet.
 The best view...
 Henman Hill.
 Sitting on the steps watching the big screen.

 Our local police joining in the fun!
 Think it all just got too much for this couple!
What an amazing day!