Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday was wet, wet, wet and the evening didn't get any better!

Hi......boy was it wet and cold and very miserable today...Tuesday. Yes l know it has been put up today but forgot to post yesterday! It was my first day back to work after Christmas and l had to go up to Waterloo Train Station in London. It was very strange to be on Putney Station at 12pm, lunch time, on a weekday and there were no other passengers on any of the three platforms!..weird...not a sight you will see very often, l assure you.

The other thing that struck me as unusual, was the totally empty plastic trash bags. Never during the week are they empty! My husband was down-loading these images for me yesterday and was very confused by the next image. At first he wondered why l was taking images of a plastic coffin.? Then he answered himself by say..its Lynda, why wouldn't she?1 Ha! then l pointed out to him that the image was side on! Don't you wonder about our men sometimes?!

The wait for the train was not a very pleasant experience. Cold, wet and having to wait in a covered shelter, partly open to the elements, on the train station with the rain pelting it down. I suppose l should't complain too loudly as some small stations have no shelter at all!

As the train was late , l was getting quite cold and wishing l had bought a takeaway coffee down onto the platform with me. What made it worse was the empty coffee cup at my feet from an earlier passenger, at least it wasn't from Neros!

On the train into Waterloo, sitting across from me, were a family of mum, dad, a daughter of about 4 and a son of about 2ish. They seemed to eat none stop the whole time they were on the train. they were eating when l got on a Putney, can't remember what it was exactly. Then they moved on to too bananas. That was quite funny to watch actually, the reason being the mum gave each child a partly peeled fruit. As you may or may not know, bananas once out of their skins and if they are quite large, are not very easy to control. The little boy had great difficulty and his whole hand was wobbling around following the swaying of the fruit. His big sister was killing herself laughting! Was very funny to watch, it is the time you wish you had a video cam on you! In the image below, the dad has already broken the banana in to two piece because the little boy was getting quite frustrated and was about to cry! After the fruit they hacd a chocolate biscuit and so on!!! Where do they put it all?

After l had finished work and started on my way home, the trains had begun to really fill up with people. I think people were coming back from holidays or going away for New Year. Anyway. l fought to find a seat and in the end had to stand. After a few mins the guard came along and asked if l wanted a seat? He was a New Zealander and very sweet, he took me to his seat in the guards department! I am sure if it is technically legal but it was nice to sit down. Below his is little cabin!

Can you see on the floor, beanth his seat, a load of manuals? Those are some of  the rules, regulations and instrutions a guard has to be aware of and know!! "Who would have thought it? "as my granny used to say!
By the time l had got to Putney l was dying for coffee but the shops were shut and to really rub it in, as l left the train, this was the first thing l saw on the very wet and dity platform!

One very dirty, squashed and sorry looking coffee cup! At least l had one good thing happen to wonderful husband came to pick me up in the pocket rocket, now that he is a house husband!Ha.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Tony on your 60th birthday and the day you officially retire!

Today is my husband's birthday and after having a relaxing morning, we went out in the pocket rocket for a spin! We had great fun, roof down, wrapped up tight and touring all over Putney, Dachet, Windsor, Runnimeade, Weybridge, were we stopped to have lunch but our favorite place was shut , so we had something to eat in Giraffe! Must admit we did get some very weird looks from was bitterly cold but we were all wrapped up and heater on full!!! Then home for Tony to blow out his candles, have some cake and tea and a warm evening in! Anyway below are some images from todays adventure!

I am still using a point and shut camera because my Nikon is still in hospital! l don't think this image of a Virgin plane going over us, is too bad!

This marble staircase and fountains were quite near the castle in Windsor. The staircase didn't seem to be going any where that we could see but then this is Royal country isn't it..who needs an excuse to spend money. I find myself becoming more and more Republican and believe me that is a shock. It is just we do seem to be spending our money on minor royals as if the money was water! One of the Daughter of Fergie  (Prince Andrew's ex-wife)  had a flat  done up for her in the St.Jame's Palace for two hundred and fifty thousand pounds!!!..a minor royal..what does she do for the country or its people? End of rant..sorry!

Just before Christmas, l was talking about mistletoe and how expensive it was this year!. While we were driving round Windsor and out towards Old Windsor, l saw loads of trees with bundles of Mistletoe on them. The image below is not brillent but it does saw some 2 bundles up in the trees.

As we left Winsor we went along a very long straight road, past Windsor Great Park with small houses spaced every so often along the road, l think belonging to the Estate. Then as we came to the border with Windsor and Old Windsor, it was marked with an amazing gateway with a large ornate pillar on each side.

In Weybridge we came across a small graveyard, were we saw gravestones that neither of us (my husband) had seen before.

This is the first gravestone that caught our eye. We think it is about a century old and l think must have been made for someone with money. It is very unusual and also a very beautiful mosaic.

This is also an unusual sarcophagus, l have never ever seen one made with bricks before. Once again there no words or images and as the church was closed,  l could get no further information.

The above image is also a grave marking that l had never seen before, although my husband had. It seems excessively long and too narrow to be a grave. I must go and do some more research! As we were walking around the graveyard, we came across ( image below) this rose stuck in the ground. I think it was meant to be in the Memorial Garden but had either been moved on purpose or by accident! Shame!

Next there are some images of other stones we found, which l found interesting. The first image is of gravestones leaning against the church wall. They must have been taken from their original place and placed here, when the church needed more space.

The next one had me puzzeled for a while then l realised that they are the top and bottom of a grave. They have been moved together to save space!

As l was leaving the graveyard, l noticed behind a gravestone, a thrown away coffee cup and a few cig ends! Party time?
Then, on our way home, we decided to stop off at Halfords in New Molden and while my husband went in, l stayed outside to see what images might catch my you do!. The first thing that caught my eye was a purple plastic bag full of pulled crackers!

Then, behind the Recycling bins was a huge pile of cardboard boxes...all that is left of the Christmas Rush to buy bikes, and more bikes!!!!Glad cardboard is easily recycled!

Behind the piles of cardboard was a sad sight......loads of very wet and soggy toys. soft cuddly toys, a doll's pram, dolls and adult clothes and shoes! All perfectly good, why not give them to Charity..ugh..makes me so angry.

And l promise, l did not stage this above image! Someone with a sense of humour, placed Sneezy (from Snow White and the 7 dwarfs) and a trainer together! Rather fun but sad for the soft toy!!

A very soggy and sad looking hedgehog! I wonder who he used to belong to? Now who will love him? Shame! As we went to go back to the car, l noticed this coffee cup thrown away in the rycycling idea..where is the nearest Nero's!? Ha!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A walk of 4 miles on 27th December 2009..(since writing this, Tony has told me we actually walked 7 miles!!!!!!)

Today Tony and l went for a 4 mile walk today from home, throught Putney heath, across Wimbledon Common and then through Richmond Park. I was quite tired at the end of it! I am very grateful everyday to a man called Francis Johnson who operated on my spine and so l am now able to walk like this. In the middle of Putney Heath we came across this amazing Christmas Tree. It was decorated beautifully with baubles and tinsel. I wonder who did it and why? It certainly made us smile! ( Please note, my new coat, a gift from my huband for our 37th wedding anniversary.....and my wonderful yellow flower wellington boots!)

I was so happy today because during our walk from Putney Heath, to Wimbledon Common and onto Richmond Park, we uncovered a lot of different fungi. I have put some of the images below.

I nearly missed seeing these fungi but l stopped to take a stone from my boot and ...there they were! Like little jewels in the woods.

These fungi always remind me of fairytales and magical places. They are so small and delicate and so easy to miss when walking in the woods. The image below is so fragile and such a pretty shade of pink/orange.

Then l was very lucky because l stumbled on a puff ball ..never seen one before. I was very happy even though it is quite an old one!

Then l found this very tiny fungi as l was looking for another fungi. It is sooooo small, you can measure it by looking at the leaves that are around it!

This fungi reminds me of leather....such a vivid colour, l suppose you could call it toffee?!
On Putney heath there is a large pond that always has swans and ducks on it.
Today the pond was still fhalf frozen. The pair of swans were still there (have been around for at least the last 10 years) and with them were three cygnets.

 And here are the babies..all three of them I think they look cute with all their brown fluffy feathers.

One of the tree round this pond l call "The Shrine" Tree. It is amazing and one of these days l want to an art piece in it and around it. It just calls out for it to be made into a "Shrine" tree!

After leaving the pond area we saw some dogs playing with each other and their owner and his daughter. The dogs were like whirling devishes and it was almost impossible to catch their image! Ha. They were having a great time. Then one of the dogs picks up a huge stick and then they both start playing with it.As they ran pass me they both had it in their mouths! Talk about working together!Ha! The following image is not brillant but l think you will see what they were doing and the speed they were going!

As we walked towards Robin Hood gate we saw this beautiful silhouette.

To get to the entrance of the park, we had to the A3 and there is now a brand new crossing. Would ypou believe one for the horses to get across to their stables and one for people and bikes. It seems so silly to make two seperate crossing next to each other!

Once in the park, we decided to walk along the river, as we had not taken this route before. it was very beautiful especially as it was becoming dusk

The willow by the river are cut back every year and each year they grow again like this. Fasinating and also oit is so cheerful to have these colours in the depth of winter. As got to leave the park, l looked and saw the moon was out. As my Nikon is still being repaired, l am still using a point and shoot camera. So, l was not expecting this next image to come out as it was too far away. I got a surprise when l uploaded it!

Then on the last part of our journey, going through Alton Estate to get to Putney Heath and home, we came upon a sight that made me smile. I would never do this to my own home but if someone does it to their's, that's their buisness. I know it gives a lot of pleasure to many people at this time of year. When you look at this house, you will see there is not a bit of space in their front garden to squeeze in another decoration. And on this note l will say, " I hope you had a very Happy Christmas and you will have a Merry New Year".


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Visit to Cirencester and Rustington...all ion onme day!

On Saturday last week, Tony and l went firstly to Cirencester, to act as father christmas to my sister, her children and her children! It was a very weird journey, we left Putney and there was a tiny bit of snow but not enough to shout about, but other parts of London were not moving because of the snow!!
Can't remember where we saw this Wind Turbin but it reminded me how much l love them. They sound so "calming" when the wind makes them move. I know a lot of people don't like them but l think when they are single or on mass they look so magical.

The image above, as you can see..was taken from a moving car ( my mini). Oh! l had better explain, l was not driving, l was the passenger! The reason l tried to take it was because l wanted to show you all these, what look like markers in a battlefield to me. In actual fact they are covers to protect small saplings as they grow..planted by the side of the moterway. There were hundreds of them.
As we were driving into Cirencester, behind us was a wedding car, but each time l hoped it would pass us so l could take an image, some other car would drive infront of it. So after a while l looked in my side mirror and framed in it was the car and l also realised the bridesmaids car was behind them. The reason l wanted to take this image of the car, was because it was so polished, the reflections were amazing in the bodywork.

The next image is not very interesting but it is just some thing l noticed..and that is what this blog is about, things others may not notice! Just lately Recycling Bins have been painted brighter colours or a bright green to encourage people to recycle. It appears not the Cotswold district, take a look at their "exciting" recycle bins!

I thought l had better give you a beautiful image to follow this rather dull one. The next image is of unfortunetly dead pheasants, taken at the food market. dead or alive, you have to admit they are beautiful. The guy who was selling them, gave me about 20 of the long tail feathers, which are browns and not as bright as the others feathers but still amazing to look at.

While l was walking in the square in Cirencester, l saw this woman, and was fasinated by her hair. I had never seen  braids this long on a woman before. It looked beautiful.

Although there was no snow around Cirencester, there were a lot of puddles and they were all frozen. Not just lightly frozen but thick ice, the poor birds were very confused by it all.

We were just driving out of Cirencester, trying a new route, when we realised we had taken the wrong turning. We drove on until we could turn round safely and there in front of us was this christmas tree. Even though there were no lights on this tree, it stood out. The red and golden baubles REALLY stood out from quite a distence.

We left Cirencester after playing Father Christmas, heading toward Rustington, on the south coast to play Father Christmas to my parents. It was really strange how some areas were thick with snow and then just round the snow and no problems.
Below are some images l took while dashing through the dark afternoon and evening to see my parents!!!

This bridge looked so magical in the gloom and with snow around it.

Although not much snow, VERY dangerous as lots of black ice around. As l said, no really deep snow, like l was used to in Luxembourg but never the less...still beautiful and magical in places.