Saturday, September 12, 2015

A grey sky, faries and dragons.

Today the weather was meant to be awful, as these three images would seem to say, was true! 

But no ... it was beautiful. I was very pleased it was, as l was holding an Art and Craft party today, mostly outside ! It was for a little 4 year old girl, which her family won, in a Christmas Raffle, last year.  It  was a mixed party so l decided to create Fairies and Dragons, in a box. I prepared an example for the children, so they would understand what they could do.

The night before I prepared some boxes and a fairy with a wand. And of course ... loads of glitter !

One fairy in a box plus of course ... l had to get the artist to sign her work.  :)

 Another wonderful fairy.

And a dragon in a box ... isn't it wonderful ?

This was a wonderful Art and Craft party.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nature and my stetches

Before l show you some images l have taken and some of my sketches ..... l thought you might like to see a wonderful resident of Putney! 

A lot of my Art seems to be about " 3 things". So when l saw these three birds on three posts ... Just had to take a snap!

On my way to take a children's Art session, saw this moth stuck in a spiders web. "Beauty in Death".

 Love this shadow. Can see a project coming out of this shadow image.

Over the last few days, l have been doing some sketching.

This stetch is about my lunch and a tattoo, l saw on a man's arm.

This is of the antiseptic handwash, at the entrance to my father's hospital ward.

Today l showed my students how to look in the mirror, then draw their face, without looking at their drawing. This was my effort. They loved doing it and thought it was very funny.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The start of the painting!

I am fasinated by spider's webs ... also LOVE yellow and circles. I have 
 been taking some images, to inspire me. Watch this space. 
I am really enjoying being able to spend the day, just thinking and painting! I miss artyfizz but l do enjoy the freedom!