Monday, May 26, 2014

My wet walk home !

Today l walked home from my studio ...and got very wet. But that didn't stop me from watching what was going on around me. I was so wet, that l couldn't get much wetter! :)
This my road home ... ! Today it is unusually empty but then it is Bank Holiday Monday silly.

Bubbles all around ! 

Red and yellow.

I love snails.

The woods are taking over the path.

Wonder who put this here and why !

For those the ask me if l always where sandels ... yes, even in the rain !! :) 

Can you see the oil in the water?

Beautifully decorated snail.

Yet another snail.

Very delicate looking.

They get every where.

So tiny !

Wonder what was in this tiny bag !

Love this yellow.

So pretty.

Beautiful purple.

Thisles just blooming.

Lost !

Outside my flats.

So bright.

Love the pink and black together ... very unusal.

Flowers waiting to be planted, into my garden flats.

Oh dear ... doesn't look good !

Love Iris's.

So simple and so beautiful.

Now home, VERY wet but happy ! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Yeh ... l found 15 mins to do some creating, in my studio!

Saturday 10th May.
I was in the studio today, there is so much to do. That's one of the problems of owning your own studio...there is always so much cleaning and tidying up to do ! But l have been so bad tempered lately and it is because l have no time, to create my own work! So l decided that l would forget the studio and the paper work ect and create !

I was given a while a go, lots of books of wallpaper samples. They are great for play around with, on my geli plates! So using some new stencils and spray inks .... l played. Here are the results ... l am very pleased with them.

I think l spent my 15 mins well !

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Our little adventure on Bank Holiday Saturday !

We are off on an adventure..... !
Saw this building on the way there. Wisteria growing up the side of a building... Stunning.

We are here ! Whitstable !!!

Perhaps l could paint this corridor with Street Art, like in Melbourne!!!! Cheer the place up !


Mum and daughter dressed the same ... causing chaos on the high street.  Queue of traffic behind them. Not the best thing to do, on a Saturday and a Bank Holiday !!!

Wow ... look at these knitted and crochetted bikes .......... they are amazing !!!!

Look what l managed to buy, from a charity shop. It was actually closed but l persuaded them to open and sell them to me. :)

Yeh... the sea and in the distance, wind turbines !

Isn't this a super stencil, on the side of one of the buildings, on the habour.

The craft market.

Can you see the cat and dog baskets, on this boat? So cute !

Love these colours.

Mending his nets.

The sign outside the Fish market. Can you see the starling, who has just been drinking from the apron's pocket? :)

Inside the Fish Market. The prices are very high!!!!

Today's forecast.

Love this !

What Whitstable is famous for ... Oysters !

Holiday homes.

 The British on holiday !!!

A Memorial Bench for a Peace leader but l have forgotten his name. :(

Another memorial bench but l wonder if this couple realise it ?

A pirate boat ! :)

A fish skeleton.

Back towards our mini. More beach huts.

Someone's little collection.


Look what we saw on the way home ... 2 hot air balloons.

What an amazing day.