Monday, May 28, 2012

nature and fun!

This the first Eucalyptus tree l found when l started to dye with leaves our local pub garden!
 Found this the other day...does anyone know what this is? Next image is a close up.

 Just love these shadows.
 My beautiful Alfie.
Andrew trying to cool Alfie down but he was not having any of it. Alfie hates being washed but doesn't happen often because his fur is sort of self cleaning!
 This French lavender looks like it has ears... beautiful but a bit weird!

 Where Andrew had splashed the water, within minutes the snails appeared.

 This one hitched a ride!
 Got him..just!
And now some of my Art. These were some of the Spinner Art that l created last week.  I wanted to be well practiced when l showed the after-school club children how to do it. Wonder if the manufacturers of lettuce spinners ever thought they would be used like this? Ha! I have to admit l had loads of fun!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Warm at last and sweet smelling sewage!

Today l have something to celebrate... the heating in our flats has been turned back on! May not sound much to you but it has been soooooo cold here and our communal heating has been turned off since last month, as it is every year!!!!! I am warm and suddenly l am not bad tempered any more... sorry Tony!!!
I had a scare this afternoon, my camera stopped working...ahhhhhh! but Tony played around with it and hey presto... it works now. Phew! So, today l only have a few images to play with.
Tony and l went to Staples to get MORE colour cartridges for my printer, boy it eats ink! Then we went and had a lovely time with our daughter over a coffee, a meat dish and pastries! What a lovely way to end a Sunday. Thanks Jennyx We have thankfully been having a lot of rain over the last month, to help with the drought. It is beginning to show in the beautiful green plants, leaves and grass around the place.

Just brought home my opened, handmade paper book bundle... Need to iron it to soften them again. Not sure how they will turn out but will be exciting to see. 

People can be so kind... l have just been given a whole load of wood to use in my Studio. Most of it has been used to make blackboards with.
On the way to have coffee with our daughter, I saw these beautiful lillies. I always call them Funeral lillies. Saw loads of them in and around churches when we were in Guatemala. It was such a shame though to see where they were planted today. In totally the wrong place in my view!

This next image makes me giggle, a pink sewage ("honey wagon"!) wagon deployed at Sainsbury's in Clapham High Street. I wonder if the colour makes it smell any sweeter? Ha!
Night all. x

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bracket,dyeing, roses and a bit of India!

On my way to my favorite coffee shop Artisan, l saw these beautiful Brackets at the top of a tree on the street. They look even more splendid because of the blue sky background.
These are round the other side of the tree with only the Church brickwork as a back ground.
Unwrapped some bundles today and as the sun was out, put the articles out to dry...what a treat!
Really pleased with these pieces!

One dress, two blouses and some odd biuts of material drying.

I was experimenting with how to make painting easier for some of my little ones......! I took an empty deodrant roll on, washed it out and refilled with paint and washing up liquid. works! just need people to save their empty roll ones for me now!!
the next image is of a young lady l saw yesterday..she really made me smile. just wish she had learnt to walk in those shoes visit  soon l think!

Saw this in a garden play area in a Primary school near me.....isn't it gorgeous?
The weather may still not have realised it is supposed to be Summer but the flowers certainly have.

Look what l found in my walk round Putney yesterday.........

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dyeing,children and snails!

I am sorry l have not been visiting this blog for a while...been so busy starting up my new enterprise    so exciting. Anyway l have been creating some Art and some Eco-dyeing as well. A lot of my babies' mums thought l was pressure cooking my lunch rather than dyeing!Hax

 My lunch or dyeing!!!!

Close up of a piece of wool blanket that original was green!
I will open these tonight and will show results tomorrow. They do look quite exciting!
This one has been sitting in Soya milk and will go into the pressure cooker tonight.
These are the Paper Cuts that l learnt to create last week at The Make Lounge.Never thought l would be this patient..l surprised myself! I will carry on designing my own..great fun..have a go! If you can't get to a class, there are some great books out there. Step outside the box and see what happens!

My After-school Class have been making some great masks and trying on some other kind of masks too!

This next image is one that really annoys me! Some one left this mount of cigs outside the studio.....find a bin!Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

 Some petals l found on my walk the other day.
It has been raining a lot here ..yeh l know we are in a Drought Warning Area!....Anyway, when it stopped raining..out came the small wildlife right outside my front door. I know gardeners don't like slugs but what an amazing colour. Can you see the tiny, tiny snail next to it?
There were so many snails l just had to take some images. An acrobatic snail!
After the rain everything looks so bright and colourful. 
 This one was well camoflaged but l managed to capture it on the move!