Friday, January 29, 2010

away over weekend in Rutland..having more adventures..see you Monday 1st Feb!

just to let you know that l may not be here over the weekend! We are moving my son and his wife to Rutland from London. Lets just hope it goes smoothly! see you soonxx

1st part of our amazing walk in Richmond Park/Isabella Plantation.

Hi..on Thursday, Tony and l went for a walk in Richmond Park..up to Penponds and then to somewhere in the park l had never walked round before. Isabella Plantation which is little bit of heaven. It is a natural santuary with bits that are cultivated and some is beautiful. The following images are taken inside the Plantation and will be in 2 parts...then in the third part, l will show the images of the deer in the main park. It was such an amazing couple of hours with a cup of tea and scones at the Lodge. after our walk....well you do have to spoil yourself some times!!!!Bliss!
This is the entrance to the Isobella Plantation. When you first go into the plantation from the Park, you are met by a notice board that gives you information and a map of the Plantation. As we were standing looking at the map, to see if we could get out of the plantation at the other end.( Which actually, you can)There was a wonderful smell of burning wood..wish l could put that smell on here. l just LOVE the smell of wood...a memory from thousand of years ago maybe?

This was one of the first trees that caught my eye. The colours are amazing and the shape is just strange but at the same very artist.

Don't know quite what is on the branches of this very tall, straight tree but they must be growths of some type. Wish l had my old len which would have reached them but that is not one l can use on this Nikon! Shame! 
Walking a little further on, l saw these same growths on a birch tree. I really must find out the name of them, as l see them so often on our walks. This one looks different from the others l have seen and is also slightly different colours. I love the curly shape and frilly edges.
In an image earlier l said l had wished l could see what was on the branches of that very tall tree, well just around the corner l found the answer. They were on the trunk at a lower level, so l could now see them, so l could now take an image. Still don't know what they are but they look like moss!

The next image is of a tree that l think is actually a sculture done by nature and not a tree at all!Ha!
As l talked about earlier, l could smell this wondeful smell of work smoke and then l found where it was coming from. A young lad and an older man, Park gardners, had obviously been cutting down bushes, for what ever reason in that area, and were now burning them. I must admit the sight of the burning fire and the petrol machine parked right next to the fire...did make me think about what a Health and Safety Officer would say!Ha!

From standing watching the fire, l found it hard to leave. I love fires, the smell, the sound and the sight. Perhaps my family are correct..l love fires too much!Ha!
This is such a fasinating, gnarled and lumpy tree. It is hollow, covered in lichen and even though it is dead, it appears to still look as if it has a life of its own!
this dead tree trunk looks as if it should be a carving or maybe a shrine. perhaps l should take to the park and see if l can do some work with these amazing pieces of wood! Um..thinks!
What a unique way to use dead tree trunks and also what a lovely way to remember some one. this bench is in memory of a man who used to be a gardner in this little peice of Paradise.
I will do the rest of this adventure in anothr two parts. It may not be until Monday as l am off to Rutland to move my son and his wife there, from london. Big move for them hope it will all go smoothly.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Red Letter Day!

Today was a Red Letter Day! My young at heart, 60 year old husband, received his Bus Pass in the post! Ha! and here he is proudly showing off his pass! So funny, he is so easily pleased!

As we were walking down Wildcroft Rd, l thought l saw a large butterfly in the branches of one of the trees on the cricket pitch. Being the curious woman l am and's too cold for a butterfly to be flying round, l went and had a look. When l got to the tree, l realised what it was! how easily l was fooled!Ha!

A McDonald's burger wrapper l think!!! Some strange Butterfly!
With all the snow we have been having lately, the roads have been really badly hammered. There are holes every where and believe me they are dangerous. The council fill them in but within days they need doing again!

As l stood up to carry on walking, l saw something red out the corner of my eye. A beautiful leaf....leaf lace.

Then walking down Wildcroft Road, looking at the trees and bushes on either side of the road, l suddenly realised that Spring is in the air! By that l mean, so many trees are in bud and there is a sort of freah feel about the woods. I smiled to myself at the thought the nights are getting lighter and l am getting happier because of it! All l need now is for the weather to start to get warmer and l will be so happy!

Before seeing my client in Waterloo Station, we had a coffee in Starbucks. I was really taken by one of two tables they had in the coffee shop. Would look really good as a part of a journalling page!

As we reached our correct platform, for our train back to Putney, there was a parked motorized vehicle parked by our the train. Tony carried on walking but l was intrigued to what was it hanging down from handles and hooks on the front of this vehicle. As usual, l had to go and have a look, with Tony calling to me "The train is about to go lynda!". The next three images will show you what l saw and why l had to take images off them! So cute but poor children who must have lost a beloved toy!

As l said cute!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Income Tax ...ugh!

Today was a work day..l am late doing my Tax Returns. Well not exactly late, dead line is in by 31st January, l just normally have it in by now! Panic! So some of the images you will see today are images of what my paper work is like..all over the lounge floor and chairs! my study doesn't have enough stace to spread out!

My floor is covered, if you can see red, it is my carpet!

So many train tickets..l wonder how far l travel every year?

I hate having to write everything down but l am getting better. Every pen l buy, all my work journeys,  every telephone call l make for clients and books l buy have to be noted! But l am getting better each year, so that tax time is not so traumatic!
To give myself a break, l went and did my shopping in Tesco"s supermarket. Some break you say but actual it was quite good. I think l will go shopping on a Tuesday evening more often. Almost empty carpark and very few customers..bliss!

Very rarely do l see this many trollies when l go shopping! The next image is my husband Tony shopping inside the store. Actually l was quite worried about taking this image. The last time l tried to take a photo in the store, l was very politely shown out by a security guard! So this time, l set my camera with no flash!...and it worked. Big sigh of relief!

Then after packing the shopping into the "pocket rocket", we went off to find a postbox to post two important letters! I had not realised how many of our local postboxes now only have a collection at 5.30pm each day!!!When did they stop having 2 collections a day? We ended up going into Putney to post them at the Main Railway Station Box. Even there l couldn't tell when the collections were because some kind soul has broken the information metal disk attacted to the box in half! So l am hoping it still has two collections a day!!!

After a posts the letters, in the box just out of the image on the right,  these guys appeared in front of me. Thought the rather jazzy hat and the black and white socks went very well together! Looks as if they had come from Football ...l didn't envy them, the weather is freezing at the moment!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Really you?

Yesterday, friday, l had a very slow walk down into town, so l could really look at where l usually walk. I had been ready interested in an article l read a few days ago about "Are you really looking at the world around you"? I consider that l really look at my surroundings but maybe l could look further into things? Anyway, l decided that l would look first and then look through my camera lens. Suddenly l realised that, yes l do look every where l go but it is nearly always through my lens! So l have learnt something about myself today.
I see this tree everyday, sunshine, wind or in the rain. Today l stood and really looked at this tree trunk. Suddenly l began to see that the rain that had fallen an hour or so ago had collected in the middle of the branches....and slowly was trickling down the tree trunk. I must have seen this tree, after rain for many years and yet l had never really noticed this happening. It took me awhile to get this image but l am pleased with it.

 Then as l was watching this raindrop running down the trunk, l noticed that the hole just above looked just like a horses eye. Do you agree?

 Every day l walk past a pile of "stuff" dumped beside the pavement, on the grass verge. I have just always though it was a pile of earth and a few bits of wire. Then lbecause of that article, decided to look deeper. Actually although it is rubbish, in this image it looks beautiful.

After the rain, do you look at the trees around you? I mean to do see the raindrops on the trees or do you see individual drops on a branch? There is a difference l promise. Yesterday, l saw the rain on the trees and then l saw how beautiful they were. The sun had come out and was shinning on the tree and the raindrops looked like diamonds hanging from the branches. Beautiful!

I am sorry if l sound as though l have gone all poetic and soft but this exercise really has made me think about how l see things.
One of the many photography projects l am doing concerns Bananas..yes, l said Bananas! I don't know if it happens where you live but here in London, l am always seeing discarded Bananas all over the place. So for fun l thought that every time l saw a disguard banana, l would take its image. I never knew that they could look so different once peeled and not only that, some of the skins look beautiful. I kid you not. It is all to do with the light, the way they have landed and where they were thrown away. I think the one l found yesterday is an example of how artistic it can be!

So that was my day of looking! Hope you enjoyed it too and maybe it has made you think about "really" looking at things around you!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Ink Cut and Fold

Hello everyone,
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interesting finds!

Today when l was down in Putney seeing a client, l saw a very funny sight. Just by the local Police Station there is a green building which is a toilet. As you will see from the following two images, this is not the usual way of entry into the toilet! Also so much toilet paper flowing around!Ha!

This is the next image!

Then l went to cross the main road and saw this on the railings...someone must be very cold!

Then just around the corner from the toilet l saw two things. The first was this bottle left on the floor, three quarters full. I wonder why it was left there and l wonder if whats in side the bottle is what it should be? Well.. it was left outside a police station! I think l have been watching to much T.V?!

Then the next thing l found was this sign on the floor, just round the corner from the police station. i think it is a very weird thing to be put on a pavement.

Then as l was walking along the street, there on the pavement was a hat! Who had dropped it and why hadn't they noticed they had dropped it? It was very cold this afternoon, thought they should have been wearing it!

As l walked up to the station to catch my train to Waterloo, l was looking around for my image of the day word ( isolate. I still haven't found an image yet that l feel represents the word.
As l got to the station, saw this sole on the pavement..tempted to say..Lost Soul!

Caught my train up to Waterloo Station. up in Central London. Those of you who follow this blog or one of my others, may remember that l collect images of "throw away" coffee cups, for a book l am making. Today l found a cup l had never seen before and it was lying on the train station floor.... A pale pink coffee cup..not my cup of tea!

Before l got back onto my train, l needed the loo, so off to the Ladies. On one of the seats in the waiting room, was this coffee cup and newspaper. I wonder if the person who read the article on obesity had enjoyed their full fat milk, fully caffeinated cappuccino drink?Ha! I know this as it is on the side of the cup.

Then on the train l saw my word for my image a day. You can go and see the results by going to the blogsite.Below is the image just in case you csn't open the blog!

Everyone in their own little world's and isolated from everyone else. Shame!

The day of Auntie Ritchie's funeral.

Today l went to my Auntie Richie's funeral. Sad but uplifting. She died too soon at the age of 77. One of the things she loved, and she loved life was Russia, its Art, it's Culture and it's people. She had been there several times and had many Russian friends over there. She would have loved today because believe it or not, it snowed! I can see her throwing snow balls at us in the church yard.
Below are the images l took there and back from the funeral! This was us stopping at a service station for coffee and cakes mainly because Tony got us there nearly 2 hours early!!!

While we were there, a bus load of soldiers were also there. Jenny and l assumed that they were cadets as they looked so young! But no..we were showing our age, as they were "real" soldiers according to Tony!!!

See what l mean...they are young..arn't they?!! The image below is when it had just began to snow. We left London in the rain, and by the time we reached Newbury, it was snowing very heavily.

Although the journey driving in the snow was not good, when we reached the village of Burghclere, it was heaving it down, but the village looked beautiful.

First view of the village church were the service will be held.

I love this lamp in the churchyard and it wasn't until l put it onto the computor, l realised the glass was turquoise!

Going into the church.The snow has softened the whole look of the place and all is sooooo quiet.

I am not sure what has caused the red colour on this tombstone but it looks beautiful. The snow made it stand out even more than usual l would think.
The inside of this church always surprises me. The alter reminds me of a Russian Orthodox Church, full of colour and gold. Not what you expect in a small village church in the south of England. The image isn't that clear but as it was a funeral today it didn't feel right to take images. Will go back another time and take some better ones. The whole church has some interseting things in it. For instance there is a glass engraved window, which is the last one the famous engraver Whistler, did before he died. It was to celebrate 2000. We were told many people in the village, wanted to build a toilet to celebrate the new century..glad they lost!

This an image of my beautiful daughter Jenny and my dad..William James Ernest Kelley MBE (love saying that dad!), after the burial of Auntie Ritchie.

This shows how fast the snow fell this morning, this was about 2 hours worth of snow. I love snow, l know it can really cause chaos but l just love it!

On our way home. Was very strange to reach london and snow! Very boring but l suppose at least it means life will carry on as usual and not stop because it has snowed!
Anyway...goodbye Ritchie, you will be greatly missedx