Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Some allotment images

My husband used to have an allotment but sadly had to give it up, due to ill health. l realised the other day, l had some many amazing images, that l had never published. So l decided it was time l showed some of them.

The final image is stunning!

Some images from my past !

At the moment in, in July 2015, there are 3 Towers! Something is happening!

Bonfire Night .... what an amazing Bonfire!

I love the Deer in Richmond Park.

This Rose looks stunning and smells beautifully too ... just like they used to do !

Goodbye artyfizz, the studio . July 17th 2015.

Yellow Lines ... always fascinates me.

These three moths, were on my wall, this evening.  Beautiful aren't they.

Sad but beautiful.

Saw this up on the top of a tall building ... Plastic Bottles made to look like a flower ... stunning ! Waste not Want Not ... as they say.

Lots of stuff around Putney.

Isn't Nature wonderful?

This moth was on the white wall outside my flats, last night. So dainty.

These flowers have always been my favorite, ever since l first saw them in Jersey, in The Channel Islands. I love the colour and the way the flower is constructed. Amazing.

I love Coffee but it has to be good.  Artisan is one of the best.

God over Roehampton Vale !

This car is wonderful.

These flowers are just so beautiful and l draw them all the time.

There is something about this doorway that fasinates me ... every time l see it.

Some interesting images from around Tate london.

A trip around my London.

St.Paul's Cathedral.

The gardens round St.Paul's.

On my way to Tate Modern.

Do you think he might have had a heavy night ?

The Shard ( on the lefthand side ) looks great.

The Thames doesn't look very good does it ?

A view of St. Pauls from the Millanium Bridge.

A "Waste" Barge opn it's way up The Thames.

Ladies enjoying a day out!

Around Tate Modern

Never seen one of these before. A machine that you can get fresh flowers from ... amazing !

A few things l saw on a trip up to Central London!

Before l show you the images for today ... some news. I have had closed my wonderful artyfizz art studio :) There were quite a few reasons but 2 main reasons stand out. One reason was l started to worry about my premises, when the landlord started to talk about selling the buildings. It started me thinking about the stability of my studio and then my landlord put my rent up by 50% ! Deal breaker really. Then my son and his wife are expecting their first baby, in October ... in Australia!  There were a few reasons but as l said, these were the two main ones. So from last Friday, my studio no longer exsists but artyfizz the artist ... is still here. I am still able to work with some of my after-school children, due to one of my wonderful mothers, lending me one of their rooms, twice a week. Yeh!   I can still create birthday parties, as long as the parents provide the space, l still provide workshops for schools and l am still creating my own work, from my small studio, at home. So one door has closed but many have opened, elsewhere for me. yeh ... upward and onward as they say! :)
A quick visit to the hospital first. I love this sculpture which is a grandfather reading to his Down's Sydrome grandchild. Someone has put a passion flower wreath around the grandfather's neck ... sweet!

Then once up in town l saw this sign .. made me smile. But l suppose it must work because l noticed it ! :)

Not a good image, as it was taken from a moving bus. But the actual paintings, in "real life", were quite stunning ... Promise !

Then it was home time.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A few things that have happened, over the last week

My students have been learning to use acrylic on canvas. 

Love this "Robber" drawing.

Some of my After-School students have taken part in the Big Dolls House Events, to raise money for Shelter. Not only did they do some amazinging " shoeboxes " but they really had fun.

This beautiful moth made my evening.

On Saturday evening, we went to see "Beauty and the Beast", put on by the children's theatre group "64". It was funny, well done and l really enjoy the whole play. Well done kids.