Saturday, March 26, 2011

A walk to Kingsmere Pond and back.

Tony decided l NEEDED to go for a walk after having spent so much time indoors, trying to re-do my stolen painting. So, off we went. As we were going through the back gate onto the Common, we saw one of the cats (l call them Egyptian Cats) that give me the creeps! I think it is because they look as if they have been skinned alive!

This is Kingsmere Pond on Wimbledon Common which is about 5 mins away from my flat. It is usually full of ducks, geese and swans. Today there were some noisy Canada Geese, a few assorted ducks but no swans. Wonder where they are... They normally nest here most years.
The only sad things about this area is the amount of rubbish that over the last year or so has started to show.

The Iris's are just begining to show. When they finally bloom they are a gorgeous yellow with bits of purple in some parts.
Just two of the many ducks that are on this pond.

In Pre-historic times the growths you see on this tree would have been used as containers. Isn't that clever?

This beautifully coloured tree trunk stood out in the woods. Wonder why it turned this colour?
This dog did make me laugh..l stood and watched him do this at least 10 times and it was not a small pond and he went almost to the middle each time. He was wagging his tail so fast, l am surprised it didn't drop off!ha!

This is the island in the middle of the pond and yes that is blue sky above the island! This is also where most of the geese, swans and ducks nest.
Just satisifing my passion for fungi! - (A "Bracket"?)

This branch appeared a while ago..very strange shape isn't it? Wondered who dragged it there?
As l was walking next to the pond, l saw a small bundle of feathers. "Oh", l thought it was a small bird until it moved and l realised it was actually a toad. It made me jump! Not very pretty is it?

This is an area near the pond, which is quite marshy and it is beautiful when all the Irises bloom. What l find strange is the plants are just in one place and in a perfect circle.

I love these flowers but l was not sure what they were called. Then l got a facebook message from Fabienne Dorsman-Rey, who told me she thinks it is Vinca major and they are used as ground cover and  are a very resistant. Wonder what it would dye like..I feel a walk coming on!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saddness but then a happy Walk!

Hello fellow Artists and Followers of my blog.
Yesterday morning, Tuesday, I was on top of the world. I had been accepted to show in a Local Art Exhibition in our town Shopping Complex. Then I accepted a very nice space, in a new gallery with 4 other artists from this coming Saturday! Yippee...Panic! Need to frame some silks by Friday. So, off to Ikea to get some nice but inexpensive wooden frames, which is better than £120 for one frame which I was quoted earlier! Took ages to check silk pieces with frame size, colour etc.. We finished then took one hour to reach our flat. That is when disaster struck. No blue bag with about 12 silks and 2 phones in!!!!!! Panic phone calls, dash back to Ikea... They have been taken. Don't know if I want to cry, be angry or just feel totally stupid. In fact I feel all of them! The reason I had BOTH phones in the bag was because I had to take them back to the phone shop, because of problems with one of them. Otherwise, I would still have my old phone but not my NEW one. Unfortunately new one was in between insurance!!! NOT A GOOD DAY!!!! Apart from the hassle and the money angle, it is the time and effort I had put into those paintings. Oh well, hope whoever has them gives them to some one who will love them.
That is enough of my moan, l will now talk about last weekend spent with my son Andrew , his wife Gemma and Alfie!
This is the first time that l have been on a very long walk with Alfie. It was great fun and l had a good work out at the same time. This walk with and amongst the sheep was fantastic. 

 This image could be a scene representing one of Gainsborough's paintings many years ago. Nothing changes much in some farms in Rutland..

 This is an image of my son, the professional photographer, at work...helped by his ever faithful assistants.
 There are many of these small holes around here and Tony thinks they are more than likely made by shrews.
On this walk we found some amazing trees and l love the greens. Very velvet looking.
 These lichens are really beautiful. Might do some wrapping of branches next time l am up in Rutland.

 These are the first violets l have seen this year and for many years actually when l think about it.

 I was watching the swans in the lake when one of them took off, straight over my head. Wow what an experience. The "whoosh" noise that the wings made while going low over my head, was breath taking.

I love feathers but with the added water drops on is gorgeous.
A sad thing now. I kept coming across dead seagulls..mystery!
Love bullrushes...just bursting out!
Aha!!! maybe this gives us some clue about what is happening to the seagulls!

Alfie decided to go for a swim........can you see him? We were a little worried as he seemed to just keep going. Remember he isn't a year old yet!

It was a struggle for him but he manage just to get back. Tony and Andrew were both getting ready to take boots off and go after him..bless!

Anyone know what this is? It appears to be growing from the trunk but feels and sounds like stone!! Very confusing.

We came across this barn full of hay bales..which the two dogs enjoyed and provided us with some good photography opportunities.
Alfie decide to try climbing up the bales..such a character.
Which end is which and l wonder what he was after? I later discover Andrew had put a treat down the hole to get this image!Ha
The other day, as many of you may know, the moon was larger than it usual is at this time of year. I didn't get a big image of it but l really like the image l took.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The journey from Putney to Andrew and Gemma's house in Rutland.

I love this sign on the entrance to The Brompton Cemetery! 

What a colourful work area !

Some new buildings that have just been finished in Central London. I love all the glass they use these days, must be great to have all that light to work in. Mind you, l hope they have some way to open windows instead of only relying on air conditioning!
 The Cherry Blossom is out all over London at the moment...really beautiful to see and smell.
There is a demonstration opposite the Libyan Embassy in Central London against Gaddafi...peaceful most of the time but, in my mind,..good to see. At least we can do it here..protest peacefully l mean... and not get beaten up or shot at..well rarely anyway ....hopefully!

This was the first time l had seen this sculpture...rather good l thought! I had to take the image while driving past in a rather fast traffic jam ..oh no l was not driving..l was the passenger!

This next image shows loads of daffodils which are in swathes all over London. Reminds me of Wordsworth's poem.." I saw a host of golden daffodils...."

This is another new sculpture to me but it really made me smile when l saw it through the car window. What a wonderfully colourful sculpture to see on your way to work on a dull or cloudy day in London.
 Oh l do love living in this Cosmopolitian City of London.

This is the Lord's Cricket Ground which l think is interesting building. Tony would love to have a day or a season ticket here!

Saw this very moving wall sculpture outside a Hospital in London. There is one on either side of the main entrance to the hospital .

 On our way through London up to Rutland, we stopped in Hendon for a coffee and a sandwich. I had always thought of Hendon as a very smart/posh place to live. Well some of the houses might be amazing but the town centre is definitely not smart as you can see from the image below.!

 Saw this lady waiting to cross the road and just had to take an image of this amazing mass of hair.

This was the Costa Coffee shop we had our lunch in. It was very clean and comfy even though the area around it was far from clean and smart!

  As we stopped at the traffic lights, l noticed an unusal shop on the other side of the road. Can you see it? It is called "The Welly Workshop"! What a wondeful concept and name! Must try and visit the shop one day on our way up to see Andrew and Gemma.
I have tried many times to get a good image of this lion, each time we have gone past it. This one isn't very good but at least it gives you an idea of it. There is a leopard on the other side of the roundabout!

Every time we go past this "place" we giggle...wonder who actually uses it? Lorry drivers, the workman mending the road around it?

As we left London, the fog hit! Was not too bad but not very pleasant to drive in, especially when lorries and some car owners don't put their headlights on.

This decorated corridor is outside the toilets in the Supermarket near Andrew's house. It is strange but l noticed people couldn't help smiling at it as they went past .

When we arrived at Andrew and Gemma's house it was nice to see so many plants were starting to bloom in their garden. Spring has "sprung"!

can you see the insect on this leaf?