Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just a ride around Central London!

Isn't this car great? Must take a lot of work though, to keep it looking like this.

I love this narrow window.

Traffic in Cenral London! What joy!!

Wow l want to make one of these. Amazing and it is just empty bottles.

As many of you know, l love cranes and lines and l have both here.

Enjoying the reflections.

This could be any where in a warm climate ... who would think it was good old London ?

Love this green. 

Leading us down a narrow road!

How much narrower can you go?

Goodnight. x

Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Saturday NCT and buildings!

Today l was part of NCT Cheeky Monkey Tea Party ... great fun. I ran an Art and Craft Corner and the children could make "A very Hungry Caterpiller puppet or " The Butterfly".

On the way home, l saw this penguin on a flat's balcony ... on the hottest day of the year!

A mosque on Ramadan.

I love lines.

These seed heads are not only large but very weird looking. Wonder what they are?

New flats going up in Wandsworth, by Southside Shop Centre.

A Ferrari behind a car going to the tip's just my sense of humour!!

Love these shapes!

Great day ...  if a bit hot! :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just general bits and pieces of my life.

It has been awhile since l have blogged, so l thought l would show you what l have been up to. The first two images are of the footprints l painted, to the entrance of my studio!

A few weeks ago l was invited to my friend's Degree Show, at Central St. Martin's. As you can see from the first few images, there is a lot of new building work going on around the collage.

Well.... all the visitors to the show have to eat l suppose!

This is the bridge over the Regents Canal.

These beautiful fountains are at the fronbt of the collage.

This was a design l saw on the floor, inside the collage.

The image below, is the only image l was allowed to take at the show. This is my friend's piece of textile art ... stunning!

On my way back to the tube station ... beautiful light.

Then the rain came down!!

I have also been practicing my Face painting skills. At least the children are happy! :)

A butterfly.

The World!

A snake.

and 2 different rainbow patterns.

I find it strange in some ways, that the inital
masks are the same shape but the masks ended up looking different! These were made by two of my young students.

I have noticed these moths in the porch of my flats, over the last few mornings. They look so delicate and also beautiful.

And this is Alfie ... and that's a whole another story! Ha!