Saturday, November 30, 2013

An amazing colourful day

What a great day we had at Westonbirt Arboretum .

What an amazing day we had at Westonbirt ...

Monday, November 04, 2013

My birthday treats.

Saturday 2nd November was my birthday and l was spending it, firstly with my husband Tony. To begin with, we were going up to town Central London, to have lunch. As we walked down to catch a bus into Putney ... we saw this "fridge" dumped on the pavement. Doc.Who's new Tardis maybe? Fun thought to start the day with!

We had thought that Putney railway station was closed at the weekend, as usual.  The reason being there is loads of "stuff " happening to all the platforms. But to our surprise and many others, the station was open!

Once in Town, we had lunch at Las Iguanas .... such a great place.  Two cocktails for the price of one! Well it is my birthday!!

After taco's we had pudding! Sigh!!

Then we went to meet our daughter at Tate Britain. Tony went off to do his "Thing" and Jenny and l went for a walk through a wonderful Art Gallery. I had an amazing time looking at pictures and sculptures that l had only seen in books. We then took a boat from Tate Britain to Tate Modern. It was a wonderride and it was great to see buildings from the river angle.   


Once we had arrived at Tate Modern, we then walked along the river to get to the Hotel "Quarter", to have a late tea with Tony.



Arriving at the Hotel and in the distence, you can see the Shard.

Afternoon tea plus a glass of champagne! Well it was my birthday!

These teabags are so cute!

What an amazing spread.

Dad and daughter talking about their iphones!

Then Tony took me to the Shard and we went all the way up to the top, then spend an hour watch all the firework displays, all over London. The walkway went all around the building. The first viewing platform was enclosed in glass and a higher platform had the roof open to the sky. The wind was very strong and it sounded just as if we were sailing! It was an amazing experience. The first few images below, are of the many detailed images that told us the story of  the Shard .

Some of the amazing views.

What a wonderful day. Thank you Tony and Jenny, love you bothx