Tuesday, June 29, 2010


This is the lovely lady l meet, when she came over with her daughter, to visit family. Her name is Emily Townsend and she is an very creative lady. Go to her blog
She has just had an amazing trip across Europe, so her blog is full of imags from her travels. I cannot wait to see the amazing journals she will have done while awayx Hope one of these days to go and visit her in Colorodo or where ever she is living at the timex

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A walk fro Waterloo Station to the Tate Modern on a very sunny afternoon.

Last week, Tony and l decided rather than take a bus to Tate Modern Gallery, we would walk as the weather was so gorgeous. On the way, l saw a take-away coffee cup, l had not got an image of. Yes l know tht sounds a bit...weird! but there is a reason..honest!Ha! I am creating a photographic and information book on coffee! I never realised there were SO many different brands of coffee shop cups!
Walking along the South Bank, you will always see something going on down on the shore. Today there was a lady sketching the London City Scape.
Then just a little further down the shore, there was a man using a metal detector to see if he could find some old bits of London town.

There are always a lot of seagulls along South Bank but this particular one was so vocal and stood on his stone, guarding it from any seagull that came near it !!Very funny to watch.

I love seagulls, especially when l can watch them soaring and diving around in the sky. They are so graceful and see to do it so effortlessly.

Now a puzzle for your eyes....Can you see the goose on the shore amongst all the pebbles????
At first glance, this image doesn't look funny at all. Does it? It is an elderly guy sitting, watching and waiting for bite from a fish on one of his line!Yes?
Well, the reason l was laughting was....he is patiently waiting for a fish to bite..but...the tide is OUT!!!!
Almost every time l come to Tate Modern the reflection on this door appears to be different..ah!..a project comes to mind!!!!Talk about that at a later date maybe!
No, Tony is not concentrating hard while texting, he is being rude to me, and sticking his tounge out!!!
This view is one of the reasons we keep our membership up of the Tate Modern. It is the private Restaurant for members and their guests. ( l am allowed one other)...amazing views, below is just one of them!!
For those of you that know the Tate, this image may surprise you. It is not often you see this space empty is it!!!?
I thought that l would finish with an image of the Wobbly bridge, as it is still often called, that goes from The Tate across to St. Paul's. Then l thought, no, l have shown that many times, instead l would show this image. It is still on the bridge...can you see the dart? Was it a lucky shot, how did he get it up there and why is it there at all??????? So many questions in life still to be answered!Hax
Hope you enjoyed today's journey around a small part of my London. xnightx

Friday, June 25, 2010

Trip to see parents and Rustington Carnival!

Last weekend, Tony and l went to visit my parents and to see the Rustington Carnival. The image below is the start of the Carnival Procession. Love the camel coming out of the sun roof!

The women performing their belly dance routine, were amazing and also l thought very was NOT warm and yet they smiled and danced as if the sun was shinning. They were very dramatic and colourful to watch.

The next image is of some of the children involved in the carnival. The effort the parents and the children  put into making their costumes is quite amazing! The children were laughing and smiling all around the route.
I love the way this child has very definetly decorated his own mask!
This amazingly, colourful couple were part of the carnival, not sure what they really were meant to be but they certainly cheered up a dull day!
I know that many children and adults are scared of clowns but l was amazed to see and hear so many people and children, around the route, crying or either saying they were afraid of them! Um..a project in there some where l think!! I was told that the clowns..who l thought were brillant, were members of the Rustington Players.

Below shows what this Carnival was all about...Giving to Charity!
Below is the reason l was at the Carnival! My parents and some of their friends ( Friends of Princess Marina House..a faclity for convalescences and respite for the RAF and members of their families) were taking part in the Carnival as "The Red Barons"....on Electric scooters..what a hoot. I have never seen my parents look so happy!Ha. The mad Red Baron pretending to be a plane is Harry!

My beaming mum!
...and bringing up the rear..My father MBE!
These mothers made an amazing effort in their costumes which followed the musical..Sound of Music....

This was a great costume..the mum is be being pushed by her friend and accompanied by a gorgeous paper face! If you look at the second image you will see how they actually made the bed move!!Ha
can you see her feet ?....and for a moment when l first  saw the bed..l really thought she was lying on the actual bed...great fun!

This LARGE truck carried the local dance school's entrance.."Hairspray" the musical.

This lady was part of the Wizard of Oz theme..The tin man l think plus dog!
The Cadets band was outstanding and yet again wion the prize for best band!

The image below  two dogs shows them on their way to take part in a competion! The name of this competion made me giggle..the dog with the Waggiest tail!!!!!

                                                                     My Parents!!!

This young lady was part of the Dance School that was on the biggest truck, l have ever seen taking part in a Carnival !!! their theme was the musical "Hairspray".....the clue is in her hand!

Anyway, last but not least is a spectater at the Carnival! The blue stuff in his hair, is that stuff called Crazy foam string..l think!  Itt didn't rain, the sun shone for a while, there were large groups and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and l hope The Lions raised an amazing amount of money for Charity!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday Images for 20.06.2010

These are my images for "Shadow Shot Sunday" Images

From the Rustington Carnival.

Aren't these woman's nails amazing or not?!!!!Ha
Reflections on the Wall of Water fountain.

At Liverpool Train Station.
A seagull alighting on the sand on the South Bank Shore, London.
Happy Sunday folksx

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The story of the cigs in London!

Smoking restrictions were phased in, with a ban on smoking in NHS and government buildings in 2006, in enclosed public places in 2007, and with the restrictions on smoking in licensed premises introduced at the end of 2008.Below are some of the images l took concerning the ban and what has happened since!

In our local nice to not have smoke in my eyes and throat all eveing on a night out!

Unfortunetly this is the big problem when people stand outside their office, pub or hospital and there are no bins...because of security reasons!!!

I hate the smell of cigarettes but love the smell of cigars and pipes!

Some people have more money than sense it appears...this packet of cigarettes was left on a coffee table and got wet and soggy. The waitress told me, the guy who owned them, told her she could have them as he couldn't be bothered to weigh his trousers down with them!!!! She forgot to pick them up after her shift and it rained over night!!!
Smoke gets in your eyes.....hate walking through a door when there are people smoking just outside the main office or pub door!!
This was dropped by a woman getting on a bus, as the rain came down. It was still burning as she threw it away!!!!...because you can't smoke on buses any more!
The image below was as l found it, l promise l did not set this up. Someone with a quirky sense of humour!

Saw this person standing in a door way and thought, if l ever smoked, it would have to be this sort of brown type..very quirky l think. Either that or those coloured ones, you some times see people smoking!

Have you noticed how many empty cigpackets there are lying around? It wasn't till l started to take images, that l started to realise how many different sorts of cigarettes there are!!!! AND these are just a few of over 40 images l have!!

Have you ever seen a packet this small before? I hadn't until today!!
There are also many different types of tobacco and roll your own papers! just a few below!

Below is a guy l photographed a while ago but l still love the way the smoke curls! Still glad l never ever started to smoke!