Friday, October 30, 2009

I just love good artistic graffiti/stencils.....l know a lot of people think it is just vandalism but if its a blank canvas..........go for it. i think if l had been born now..l would be in a lot of trouble. l just get itchy fingers when l see something like a blank wall...where are my paints!!! These are just a little few of my collection, they were all seen in Plymouth except the child one and thats from Amsterdam.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Todays blog is about images l love because of there colours. Many of them were taken in Cornwall during this year of 2009.

Hairbraids or bracelets..your choice what you let this artist do with tall these beautiful coloured threads.

These fishing flags are so colorful when they are all waving together in the wind on the fishing boats or here on the fishing harbour wall.

This seagull, that is bottom up at present..spent about 10mins in the habour water, just splashing around.

They are just beach balls, spades, buckets and hoops ...but oh the colours! Fantastic!

Even with the tide out, the harbour is still a magical place to me.

Love colours.....and the seaside seems to have more than its fair share of them!But you won't hear me complaining!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I have decided in between my daily walk records, l am going to slip in every so often "Images from Cornwall". I have so many images from our trips to Cornwall and l would love for people to see them! so here is a record of some of those images.Enjoy

This pig roast was been done on the beach front for ba wedding. A few days later my son had a pig roast at his wedding..down here in Cornwall too. It really did taste as good as it looked!!

I just adore these pinks and blues. Natural heart shaped rock and broken dark and light blue tiles.

Beach combing on the beaches of Cornwall.

The houses in so many of the villages in Cornwall are so bright and cheerful. Reminds me of the painted houses we had in The Bahames.

 walking on the beach even when the weather is windy and dull. Such fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

oh my goodness, l have been so busy with my other blogs and work and doing my art...and l have neglected this blog!. l am going to try and put my daily "journeys" on here. I suppose one of the things l really do enjoy while taking my images is looking for the odd, the weird or normally unseen objects in the streets, above and below eye level!

I have been recording my journeys for several days and so am going to put them on here and then hope to catch up and then each day will be journeys the actual date of blog!

I have decided to start on the 13th October 2009.
A walk fro my flat to Putney High Street.

this image is sad..what did the person who sent these flowers do that was so wrong that they were thrown out almost as soon as they were sent....?!!Any suggestions?

Urban Nature!

I wonder how many people walking past this building in Putney, ever look up and see this beautiful blue decoration in tiles?

This image made me giggle......this old stained cushion under the sign that advertises aesthetics and wellbeing!

This bike went pass me so fast but l was fasinated by its solid white wheels..was determined to try and catch the image!

How often do you look up to roof lines and see these spikes to stop pigeons from landing!

Looking up and seeing this feather in the sky made my day. This feather shape lasted for a few minutes and then it was gone. l saw no-one else looking up to the sky before or after l had taken this image. I asked a few people if they had seen it...the 20 people l asked, didnt know what l was talking about! Shame!

This was my journey to Putney.