Thursday, July 29, 2010

Small things that are often over looked by people!!!

This blog is about small things.....take a walk and every so often, stop, get down as near as you can to the ground and really look. It is amazing what you could see!

I don't like bluebottles either but you have to admit...don't you?..that their colour is amazing!
This snail is soooo tiny, l nearly stepped on it!
Love bees! just got too cold for him and so he went to sleep and died.
The rain came down and the snails came out. these look as if they should be on some tropical iosland but old rainy London!

 A new ladybird has arrived in Britain . But not just any ladybird: this is the harlequin ladybird, Harmonia axyridis, the most invasive ladybird on Earth. The above images is of Harlequin ladybirds and they spent a night or so, up in the corner in my hall, that is until the spider found them!..good!
This last image is one of my favorite..just love this tiny green worm!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A walk around another small part of london!

This design, and the one below,l found on a gate that was the entrance to the Lloyds Banking Group Building at 25 Gresham Street in the City of London! They are amazing aren't they?

The image below is of what l saw in the window of an office reception area! A zebra statue has been placed right in the middle of the room! Fancy having your coffee facing the backside of this zebra! Ha!
For those of you who are followers, you know l love cranes; this is such a beautiful image and a blue sky too!
The image below is of a statue l really love. It is of St. Paul and stands in the churchyard of St.Paul's Cathedral. From certain parts of the churchyard, the statue seems to be floating in the is so beautiful. I am not a christian person but very spiritual and love wandering around churchyards and cemetries.
This squirrel, was such a cheeky chap...he was actually taking food from the hand of a guy sitting near him... BUT..he was not having it all his/her own way...he had to fight off many pigeons to keep his piece of bread! I know a lot of people do not like them and they are also known as tree rats!
This area, which is round St.Paul's Cathedral, has been renovated lately and this statue was stuck away in a corner and covered in weeds. I was so glad today, to see it back in it's proper place and on show to the puplic. The statue is of Thomas Becket by Bainbridge Copnall.
I am so glad to see that London, is once again full of tourists. This young couple were looking on a rather large map and working out where they were going next. What you can't see is the young boy playing hide and seek behind the bench!
The next image makes me smile..l hope they enjoyed their drink? Think they may have, judging by where the bottle tops have been placed!!

Again, the next image also makes me smile. In London, you often see a Japanense woman leading a group of her countrymen on a guided tour. Nearly always, she will be holding up an umbrella, open or folded, high in the air, so her clients can see and follow her. Unfortunatety, this woman, with the yellow umbrella, seemed to be going one way and her followers another!!! 
To end today's favorite image of the day...The Olde Sweet Shoppe...every child and certain adults' dream!! Ha! .... Gobstoppers anyone?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monday meeting my very best friend for lunch.

On Monday, Tony and l had lunch with a very good friend of mine, visiting from Singapore. It was really great to see her, not for long enough woman, l really miss her. I have known Tannekefor over 17 years, one of the oldest friends.
We met in a veg place in Soho..not somewhere we will go again but hey..we talked so much, who notices the food!!..... and the cocktails were great!
The image below did make me smile, it is not very often you see a basket of charcoal, being used as a door stop in London or anywhere else l would suspect!
Just opposite one of my favorite shops in London..London Graphics Art Shop, is this building. I have no idea if it is a house or an office but l love its window designs! I have posted a few images of parts of the windows below..gorgeous.

The wall below, is one of the main walls of the same Art is a piece of Art created by an artist called Grant Dejonce and is called "Lost" (ArtRepublicc.StreetSmart ). I think this is an amazing piece of work.
The image below, is from one of the windows from a shop called Stanford. It is a world famous shop, known for selling maps, many an atlas, star maps, support books, equipment(GPS for example) for adventurous and not so adventurous travellers! Tony and my son Andrew, could spend hours in there!

The wonderfully coloured bikes below, are outside an Indian restaurant called Bombay Cafe. I am not sure but l think they may lend them out to customers.
The colours are just so fantastic, don't you think?

My goodness, the Shaftesbury really has brighten its act up, hasn't it? Very cheerful and not easily missed!
This lady caught my eye from quite a distence, from the upper deck of my bus! Good for her.
I just love this girl's wonderful, blue Doc Martins. I would feel good every morning, if l woke up to these blue boots. One of my favorite colours!
The last image, is one l would like to talk a bit more about. Many countries have banned Muslim women from covering up their faces. I have no objection at all and am proud we live in such a free, cosmopolitan enviroment BUT do l have a point l would like to talk about.  People wearing helmets with the visor down are not allowed into building, banks and so, because we can't see their faces and it is often for security reasons. So therefore, it is not being racist to ask a woman, to remove her veil once inside the Bank or other building. We read people by their facial expressions etc and often without those clues, communication can become very hard. OK, if this was our norm, as in Saudi, it wouldn't be a problem but this is NOT a muslim country and so therefore..please try and follow our rules. When l lived and worked in the Middle East, we worked and were governed by their rules, it should be the same here. I am NOT a racist, far from it but l do feel sometimes, in this country, we do lean over backwards to help people and often it is thrown back in our faces or is stretched too far! End of soapbox momentxx
Night folksx 

Monday, July 26, 2010

The second part of Saturday's day out!

After we left Andrew and Gemma, ( see earlier entry for Saturday), we went wandering and ended up outside Twinings Tea Shop! What an amazing place and take a look at what is over the door itself!. The smells alone are a knock-out but l  never realise that there were so many different shapes of tea leaves. Some of the tea's, only come from one village and it is all done by hand, could explain the price!!. For example, from one village, the tea leaf is tied into a bow..can you imagine how long it would take to make enough "bows", to make one cup of tea? Wow! We felt that we should come here, to their little cafe, each day and try a different flavour! Could take months!
Actually we sat next door and l had an amazing cup of "leaf" English Breakfast tea and a sandwich. The image below, is what we saw while we were having our break. The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand!
From here, we ended up wandered towards Covent garden. The area was busy but the atmosphere, as usual was amazing. 
Love this couples unique and colourful hairstyles.

The next few images are of the inside areas of Covent Garden Market complex. Craft stalls, shops, eating places, a pub, performers and artists every where.

My very patient husband, sitting and waiting, while l go and enjoy myself! Bless!

This next image is of an area, just outside the covered area of the market, where there are nearly always some sort of performing artists. While we were leaving, there was a guy doing a comedy tight-rope act!
After we got our bus home, it was still quite hot and so the thought of cooking was not very high on my agenda! So we stopped and had a "BBQ" at the Green Man pub. Not what we would consider a BBQ...but it was at least some food and l didn 't have to cook it! Bliss...and we had a nice cold bottle of Rose!! No complaints there! What a nice way to end our day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday.....July 25th 2010

The first of today's images is of Tony,  going down into The Tube. Love the shadows on the stairs.
The next is the shadow from the flowers from the memorial site of Mr Tomlinson. (to see story, go to last blog).

The shadows are from the gates at the entrance to a Church.
I often photograph banana skins where ever l am. They are found often in very strange places, in different stages of decay and for many reasons, this fascinates me!
The last image is of a wedding , my son and his wife went to yesterday. Love the shadows in this one.