Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Beds and spiders !

On my walk home today saw this ... Very ironic!

 Just before we reached home ... we saw all these amazing spiders and their webs.

Then as we were walking up Telegraph Rd, we saw this leaf hanging from a spider's web.

It was swinging and twisting in the wind. We watched it for ages, turned round to look at something else, looked back and ... it was gone ! I could see quite an interesting drawing project, coming from this.

GOSH visit

A few weeks ago, l had to go to Great Ormand Street (Children's) Hospital (GOSH). On our way, we saw this cute little owl, on a ledge. Well done Tony for spotting it.

Outside the main entrance, there is this sculpture of Peter Pan.

Beautifully child friendly ... of course!

Even the lift is child "interesting" ! Look what is on the ceiling :)

We saw this sculpture in a window, on the way back to the car.

We saw this plaque on a wall, very hidden away. All very interesting, especially as one of the surenames is familiar to my husband's family.

Then when we were driving home, we saw this sculpture, on the edge of Trafalgar Square. Must find out what it is all about. Looks interesting.