Monday, June 22, 2015

Wimbledon's Art Degree Show

This is my old Art School, where l received my Art and Design Degree, around 10 years ago.  So l decided to go and see what this year's graduates are up too!

I have never seen a queue for the Degree Show before but l suppose there has to be a first time, for everything!

 A fun way to get your drink ... any one for a cold Tequila ?

This was an interesting tent!

 A very weird wedding in progress. He is a she and She is a he ... if you see what l mean!!

The building on the left, is where my Art Studio used to be. Then it was a porta cabin ... now it is called  " The Piazza " Darling ! The spider just adds class, don't you think ? :)

Cute !

Um .... Interesting ! Thoughts of John and Ono !

This really creeped me out. It was a remote controlled vehicle ... ! It was meant to shock and by the expressions on people's faces ... it worked!

This was the Theatre department.

Oh ... these were very clever but they creeped me out!

Loved the shadows.

More interesting Art.

Love these silver foil shoes ... so funny

Loved this ... paint on fabric.

Images on cigarettes packets.

Lots of really interesting "stuff "

Goodnight all and good luck to all the new guaduates.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My day in Sailsbury ... beautiful Cathedrl Town.

Why have l not been here before? It is a beautiful town.
Can you see the wonderful stag?

The old and the new living cheek by jowl !

There are signs every where, that this is a Cathedral town !

What an archway!

Oh look .... a little door. Wonder where it goes!

Alms's Houses.

A very weird sculpture about Angels. It is called Angels: Harmony by Blumenfeld OBE. It is funny, from one angle it looks like the Devil. Interesting!

 Another sculpture ... female but also masculine looking in parts! 

And another sculpture, this time Cloaked Figure 1X, created by Lynn Chadwick (1978).

Afro's are back.

Wow ... there is even a thatched house here !

Beautiful Day.