Monday, December 29, 2014

A visit to the British Museum, in London.

As you can see ... Sunday is freezing!

It was my husband's birthday and we were on our way up to The British Museum. There we were to meet up with our daughter . So we caught a No14 bus and sat upstairs, so we could see our journey better. This is Putney Bridge , which has just had a lot of work done to it, including these wonderful new Victorian Lamp Columns.

Enjoy the sites of London. :)

Don't these boys look as if they are enjoying themselves ! :)

Eros surrounding by presents!

Then we arrived at the British Museum.

Making sure the tourists are safe ... !

Then it was time to go into this wonderful building ... amazing ceiling.

The first Exhibition you see when you enter, is about the last 60 years of Germany .... in objects. The first object is a Beetle Car ... wonderful.

This is a piece of the Berlin Wall.

The three of us, had a beautiful meal in the top restaurant , to celebrate my wonderful husband's birthday. Then my husband and daughter went of to see The Ming Exhibition. Me... well l went of to the Rubber Blade Stamp , around the corner! 
 When l was going there, l saw this gentleman and his friends. Amazing shoes, ( no socks ... glittering shoes with red souls) dark sunglasses and a wool coat laid over his shoulders. Perhaps he was important or thought he was. 

Then it was back to the Museum, l wanted to see the Death Exhibition , which l have seen several times before.
This is called " Cradle to Grave" by Pharmacopoeia. It was created by Susie Freeman, a textile artist, David Critchley. a video artist and Dr. Liz Lee, a general practitioner. 

This the Rock Crystal skull, ( late 19th century AD ). It was originally thought to have been Aztec, but recent research proves it to be European.

We had a wonderful day. If you are in London, this museum is worth a visit, it has some amazing exhibitions and a lot of it is free.

Outings just before Christmas .

Wow ... l had not realised how long it has been , since l last blogged! This young went up to town with us,a few weeks ago, to deliver a painting to a client.

Some Christmas lights under the arches on South Bank.

 Love this stencil.

Some great Christmas decorations around the area.

Padlocks !

Love this beautiful sculpture. I think it has been put here by a mother, who lost 2 sons, on the party boat that went down, in the Thames, quite a few years ago. I will have to look it up !

 Love this sky line.

London's own little bit of beach!

Um ... what is this ... ?

Here is the boat itself!

 One of the new resturants, that have started to spring up along the Thames.

The Christmas market outside The Tate Modern ... with Santa in tow!


Um ... not sure l like this new sculpture in The Tate !

He is enjoyiong the Tate  ... in his sleep.

 Two selfies !!! :)

Wow ... all these bike stands, at the back of Waterloo Station !

Young man climbing Mount Everest ... or as it is usually called Putney Railway Station ! :)

 I went up to London with my daughter and husband, ( on Saturday ) to see The Hobbit ... The Battle of the 5 Armies. Wow it was great !
Anyway on the way back, l saw these stencils, on the wall behind the Hay Gallery. Love them!

These paintings on th back wall are amazing ... and l love this image of Tony in front of them.

There seems to be stencils all over the place, in London, at the moment.

Interesting Christmas tree, l thought!

Well see u after Christmas !