Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Flying Boat experience and a Supermarket experience!

As a late Christmas present from our son and his wife, we went on a very exciting trip, today. The journey started at Rose Bay, to have a trip on  Flying boat. I had never been on a "small" plane before and was slight frightened, l have to admit.

Alfie didn't look to certain , either!

Today the company, had started the renovation work on the landing , so we had to go to the flying boat, by a small boat! Added to the adventure!

I was allowed to sit in the co-pilot's seat, which was rather exciting. 
And so the adventure starts!

Up, up and away!

Wow .... what sight.

Glad l knew where the exits were!

A steady hand on the control.

I had the most exciting time ... l want to go again. That was an amazing experience.
Phew! so much excitement in one day, best l have a decaf coffee !

Later in the day we went to Woollies, the supermarket my daughter-in-law works for. England could learn a thing or two about presentation, from these guys.

And of course Felix agrees, too!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sketching and Nature!

Hi .... l have been drawing a lot lately and trying to learn to draw faces. Here are a few, they are not wonderful but you have to start somewhere!! :) They are quick five min sketches , while the people are walking past or having a coffee, for example!

Yes l know .... they need to get a lot better but l am enjoying myself, which is the most important part of it, l think!
Next nature here in Sydney!!

And last but not least, my beautiful Grandson Felix ! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

The Museum of London

A few weekends or so ago, l joined my husband and daughter, Jenny, for a trip to the Museum of London. We firstly what to see the Tattoo London Exhibition, we were not dissappointed.

Couldn't resist ... sorry Tony but thank you for being a good sport.


Cockney slang words.

Then there was the normal exhibits in the Museum !

When we lived in the Bahamas, some 16 years or so ago ....we had one of these " brick sized " mobile phones! :)

On no ... my Childhood is in the Museum! :) Bill and Ben the Flowere Pot men ... " weeed "!! :)

Loopy Loo .

Andy Pandy

What else but " Ted " ! :)

And last but not least ... " Spotty Dog " ...  Oh happy memories!

The 2012 London Olympics ... Seems such a long time ago now! They had the spears, or some of them from the amazing Olympic Torch and a video about how it was all mad. Brilliant .

Think the design of this bike, the Penny Farthing is beautiful. I would not have like to have to ride it though! 

Then there were the models ... brillant.

Then there were all the amazing bones!

My husband and gorgeous daughter ... thanks for sharing the day with me. :)