Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter weekend.

I worked out last week, at one of my Easter work-shops, how to do simple weaving. 

Loved the result.

Easter Monday. 
Took our daughter Jenny, back home ( after a great weekend of her company ).....Putney to Islington.....the pretty way, through Central London! :)

And back home again !

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My week!

The other day, l found this gorgeous wooden window. I just had to put it some where in my studio!

It's Spring .... all my plants are flowering !

Just love this handprint, which one of my students put on my jeans!  l used to live in Papua New Guinea, when there was a death, the relatives would cover everything in white handprints, as a sign of mourning.

After the children's party the other day, there was some salt dough left ... I couldn't waste it could l ? :)

Had great fun this week, teaching my after-school children, about the artist Russian Wassily Kandinsky. The children created their own version of his circle paintings. This is one of them, isn't it great ? 

I have had a great week and l ended it with going to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia. Met a lot of lovely people and made some great connections. I also met Mr. X Stitch ( Jamie Chalmers ), the guy on the left. made my day.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

From Southbank to Kendinsky

At the weekend, Tony,  a 6 month old and l, went to a Central London. On the way to the River Thames we came across this beautiful mural.

Don't you just love this quirky sign?

Then we had lunch in Giraffe.

We decided to go to Tate Modern Museum. On the way there, we saw this " knitting bombing ", on the railings at the Skate Boarding Arches.

Oh look .... a beach on the River Thames.

Oh look .... weird mirrors, as advertising boards.

Can you see me ?

Then l found these padlocks!

We saw this very quirky guy, running. Cheered up my day, for sure.

We have arrived at the Tate!

I think these Silver Birch are a work of art, in themselves.

Don't think l have ever seen the Turbine Hall empty before.

On the way home.

Today in my studio, the children started to create images inspired by the Russian Artist, Wassily Kendinsky.

Monday, March 03, 2014

My dreams ...a new way of story telling!

Someone the other day, asked me " If l did art because l could or because l had to ?" The answer:  I create Art because l have too, it is part of me. I need to do one of the following ... draw, paint, sew, photograph or doodle every day, otherwise l feel frustrated and caged in!  I supose l need Art like l need Air to breathe. 
For the last few days l have been in bed, with a terrible cough and l have not felt 100%. The only good thing that has come out of this, is l have been able to catch up with TV programmes, do some drawing and watch loads of Art and Craft video's. This is where l saw this lovely statement by Vincent Vn Gogh.

"What is done well in love, is done well. "

Lately l have been painting from my dreams. Nothing strange in that, l have always written my dreams down and get ideas from them. They are often very colourful and a bit wacky ! As well as a an artist and teacher, l also think of myself as a story teller. This last lot of dreams, have been a bit different. They are sort of coming in like a series! The first one starts off with an angel crying, having fallen down from heaven. After being told she has to learn about kindness to others , before she can go back to Heaven. 

Then a few weeks later, another dream bubbles through, another angel story! This one is at night and has her offering coffee, to birds, as the snow starts to fall. She doesn't seem to have got the idea of what kindness is all about, especially where birds are concerned! :(

Then a few weeks ago, l had another dream ... this one l am still painting!  She does seem to have got the idea about what birds eat, this time !

It was, l though the last one but oh no! I was wrong. Last night l had another dream ... the end of the series....phew. I am actually enjoying this weird story telling journey.

Friday, February 21, 2014

What have we been doing since we came back from Australia ?

On Sunday, the weather was beautiful, so we went to Kew Gardens. We had the loan of a five month old baby for the weekend and so we were very happy! Practicing grandparents. :)

Another reason we went to Kew, was it was the annual Orchid Festival.

Colour co-ordinated!

Pink Pineapples?

Didn't think it was as good as last year but still beautiful. 
Back outside again!

Spotted this Peacock by the lake. Lots of people didn't notice him and just walked straight past him!

Then we left Kew Gardens, going home via Richmond Park. We saw very few deer but a lot of water, not surprisingly!!

Then we got to play again, with our little bundle of joy!!