Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My Auckland trip

Last year l spent 6 months in Bondi Beach, Australia. After 3 months you have to leave for a few days and then you can come back in again, for another 3 months. The cheapest and nearest place to go we decided, was Auckland in New Zealand. I went on my own and believe it or not , it was the first time in 64 years that l had gone on holiday, on my own!!!!! A bit of a scary adventure even though l had flown all over the world, l had never stayed anywhere ....solo!!!!
My husband found me a really nice B and B, in an Art area and a good bus connection into Auckland town centre.  I had my own bedroom but then l also had a lovely lounge too. Which consisted of a well stocked fridge, microwave, TV and a very comfortable furniture. 
I realised going through my images l had never actually published anything about this trip. So l decided to do something about it.
One of the things l noticed straight away, in the area l was staying, was murals and graffiti. Below are some of the ones that really stuck in  my mind.


The one below really stays in my mind ... love it.

The one below made me giggle.

This one was more the typical graffiti, you would be used to seeing.

Want to know where to park your bike .....

There were many different sorts of buildings. Here are a few of the sorts of house you will see ... old and new.

The following images are of business place, shops and buildings in  and around Auckland Town Centre ... old and new !

And just for fun ...!

And of course l had to go to a Gallery!

When l was wandering around the area, l came across this interesting art instillation. It was all about plastic bags in the ocean.  I loved the art work that went with this "bag" show too!

Then l noticed this van and had to giggle. A hospital for Mannequins ... REALLY ! :)

Most of the electrical junction boxes were all pointed. This one was near my local coffee shop.

One of the parks had  wonderful patterns every where ... here are a few of them

I found this shop so funny. It was a place to leave your washing and then pick it up, from a locker. The place was beautifully decorated.

Art in the City

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. So good night from Green Point in Australia xx

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