Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I had an amazing experience with the wild deer in Richmond Park.

I had an amazing time in Richmond Park and a close encounter with a deer, actually several deer. Tony took this image of me ( leaning on the rail in blue)with the male started to come towards me. A "hold your breath" moment! 
So beautiful and he seemed so unafraid of me.

Here are the rest of the boys all together on the grass.

I really was this close.

Looked at me with those amazing eyes and l just melted!

This is how close this deer got to these people.
The parents of this little girl allowed me to help her get near the deer. I almost got her within touching distence and the people behind me let their yappie dogs of the lead! couldn't you just hit some people!?

We decide to leave and drive through the rest of the Park and saw this couple being surrounded by another herd.

Hope you enjoyed my amazing visit to Richmond Park


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

They're lovely animals -- and so many of them! Is this a safari type of park or are they native or what?

lynda Howells said...

Hi Sallie...This is a Royal Park( in other words owed by our Queen) and the deer run free. They are not tame but are used to people and traffic around. They are not normally this friendly, which was why l was so excited that they allowed me this close. I must have had an animal friendly aura going this day!

Mary said...

How wonderful and they have the most beautiful faces.