Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh Summer is on it's way...beautiful tree on the way to my studio.

Today l had an Open morning at my studio and l was a bag of nerves. This is the area around the front of my studio and I am lucky to have such great neighbours
I have plans to paint this entrance a brighter colour...if my neighbours will let me.....fingers crossed. I need to try and cheer it up and make it a nicer entrance!

Welcome everyone.......x
Tony caught me workingxx
The following images are of my whole studio.

And last but not alter ego!Ha!


Paper Chipmunk (aka Ellen) said...

What a fun looking place! I hope the opening went well. And that you get to paint your entrance.

The entrance plans vaguely reminds me of a friend, an artist, who painted her two story house bright purple. Then she thought she might sell it. She expected the estate agent to run screaming, but instead she got all excited: "This is an artist's house! It's a selling point!"

Cath said...

Wow! Your studio looks like a really creative, and exciting space, and very well established! can't believe that Saturday was the opening, it looks as though you've been there for months! I'm sure you will have hords of youngsters clammering to come along and play.

lynda Howells said...

Thank you both for your comments but although people seem interested ....only had 4 inquiries..fingers crossed. need to spread word more. BUT am enjoying myself!!!xlynda

Jill said...

Hi Lynda thanks for your comments - I certainly did see you at Teddington - your name is circled in my programme and we did speak briefly! I think I may have said I was studying for City and Guilds Creative Quiltmaking - loved your work, hope the open studio is going well.

lotta said...

Great fun to see your studio. It looks like a wonderful creative space. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Always nice to hear from you!

Carla Trujillo said...

Love all that space!
Awesome studio!