Sunday, August 12, 2012

A mix and match of the last few weeks!

Look at how much my Indigo has grown! The book has just arrived and hopefully it will help me to turn the leaves to paste!

 Me, caught at work!

I have painted two walls of my studio sunshine yellow.

Look what we found in the flat's compost heap. It is good that l took an image this morning, as it had gone this afternoon!

This afternoon, after putting up my paper rack at the studio, we went for a drive and walk around Richmond Park. What a beautiful place to rest your bike and rest your body.
Wonder what this piece of plaited rope comes from? I have added it to my "Lost and Found" box which is in my studio.
A beautiful fungus.

This spider's web seems to be covered in, what looks like, sawdust!

Interesting dog walkers!

An interesting spiders web.

Ragweed and caterpillars.

It appears that there was or is a census of the trees in Richmond Park. I think this because a lot of trees now have a new yellow tag, rather than a silver one as usual! That must be a lot of work!

 When we were walking through the park, l spotted this white thing in the grass. Too big for a golf ball and too small for a football...ah!..a puff ball fungus. I have put my hand by it, so you can see how big the puff ball was.

Spotted this fungus as we were leaving the car park in Richmond Park. At one time l think it must have filled the whole base of the tree.It is now in the depth of decay.
Then, just as we were about to leave the park without seeing any deer... this is what we saw.

And just to complete a wonderful day..look what flowered at the flat today!!!!!!!!
Happy Sunday


sharon young said...

Lovely relaxing Sunday, thanks for sharing all your super images, I 'll be watching what u do with your indigo plant with great interest.

Fenland Textile Studio said...

I will wait to hear about your indigo. ALL my woad has been eaten by caterpillars so I am not very happy. I left them at the studio five days ago and when I went back on Saturday total devastation.

bois-fleurie said...

When i was young spent alot of time in Richmond park.Its years since I have been there. Your blog made me remember i must take my camera out more and look closely as you have done.Lovely photos.

Carole said...

Richmond Park looks like a wonderful place to walk about and explore. The deer's antlers are awfully big to be standing so close to them!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful collection of things to capture and admire!

Carla Trujillo said...

Were those people taking pics of the deer or feeding it?
Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing your afternoon!

Mary said...

Great photos as always, Ragwort has been a real problem this year,and I guess next year it will be even worse.

deemallon said...

I've been to Richmond Park, years ago! It's so beautiful - I remember being impressed how the deer ate the leaves of the hanging-down branches to a uniform length... as if all the trees had had hair cuts. You seem to have had a fungus-travaganza!! I also look forward to seeing what comes of those indigo sprouts.

lynda Howells said...

thanks for all the lovely comments. the p[eople wer taking phot's of the deer here in Richmond park, where they roam free Carla.
Carole l have been even closer to some deer..if you get the wind in the right direction and you are very is possible. Such a humbling experience.
Once l have worked how when to harvest them and then how to dye with them...l will show you here all the results±±±±!Lynda