Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday 20th July ...pigeons, swans and a barbecue

Just thought l would show you "the swan", created by one of my favorite barista's from Artisan Coffee Shop in Putney.

I run an Art course called, "Yes you can ". l sent one of my students home with a bunch of items, for her to create some thing with. She was having a job coming up with something and so left all the things on a table, hoping to have some ideas.. The plane below, was made by her husband, with some of those items. :) It is an amazing piece of work and there is no glue involved. He is very proud of it and so he should be. 

We have my grandson with us this weekend, so we decided to feed the ducks, at the pond in Barnes. I am afraid there were more pigeons than ducks !!! :) BUT ... he really enjoyed trying to feed anything that moved ! Ha!


Learning to feed the ducks.

Strange that one of the signets is white ... ?

  1. Now stand in line boys.

They are so flurry.

We were not the only ones feeding the ducks ... this little boy nearly joined the swans, he was throwing the bread so vigorously! oops !

The sun shone through the leaves , making them seem as though they were glowing.

Some great Brachts on the tree opposite the bench, we were sitting on.

The river that runs through the park, is so beautifully clear.

Well done Nunkie, he got him to sleep ... cute.  :)

He is so proud of himself. :)

Scooting together.

So cute.

Then after lunch, we went home. Little one and l spent a couple of hours playing on the grass, infront of our flats. Here he is trying to drink from my cup ... using no hands !!! He is quite a character !

 The couple behind us, were having a barbecue .... he went to iinvestigate them and their "fire" ! :)

It was a great day out.

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sharon young said...

What a gorgeous post, time with the grandchildren is so precious, Thank you for sharing another post that made me smile :-)