Wednesday, September 24, 2014

recording work!

 I decided that l should record the way that my paintings evolve. So here is the first painting that l have recorded. This is the first time l have played around with stencils and moulding paste.

Finished it this morning and then sold it !

The next one is a canvas that l was given by the Charity Shop, next door! It was a pink and white PlayBoy printing. I tried painting it over with white paint ....3 coats and it is still showing through. So l decided to cover it all over with Chinese newspaper. That worked.

Then l did some paintings .... wazs experimenting with shapes and colours. 

Decided to add some black lines .... did some wiping of paint away, to expose the paper beneath.

I added a stencil of figures and a face and l think it is finished!

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