Friday, October 31, 2014

Bits and Pieces.

I am sorry l have not blogged in a while. I have had a lot of family issues to cope with and then sort out.  But l am back now and raring to go ...... watch out world. :)
A few weeks ago, l went for a wander around Central London and took some images, of things that caught my eye ! Enjoy !

Then l thought l would show you the "stuff" that found it's way, into one of my paintings!

And this is end result and has now been sold. I miss it ... funnily.

My favorite coffee shop Artisan, is three years old today and the owner's wife had a baby boy, today too. They are a great couple and we send all our love.  I am quite pleased, as l thought it would come today or tomorrow and that it would be a boy!  Chuffed or what! :)
Artisan always has great signs, outside their shop. This is one l really like, especially with the tattooed arm , in the background.

Last week, we had to go to St.George's Hospital. For the first time l saw lots of their sculpures, in and around the grounds. This was one of them.

On Sunday, which is my 61st Birthday, we are going to see the finished Poppies, at The Tower. Can't wait.

My studio is opposite a Funeral Parlour. Sometimes there is the wonderful site of a carraige and horse.

Talking about death. On the walk from my house to the top of Putney Hill, l came across these bunches of flowers. One of them had the words, in silver,  "Sister". But there were no other messages.  There have been no reports of accidents or deaths on this road. Very strange and weird! Had someone stolen them from a grave or funeral. 

On a happier note. Isn't this beautiful?

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