Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Red Poppies .......

By now, most of you will have seen the amazing Remembrance Poppies, at The Tower of London. So l wondered how many of you saw the start of this amazing Art Project? I have been a few times since the beginning and it has been amazing to watch. 
When we first went, there were hardly any people around and lots of them didn't know what was going on? 

The second time we went, there was a plaque explaining who had made the poppies and why they were there.

My son was home from Australia, on holiday, so he came with us to see this amazing Art Project.

And so it starts.

I thought it was a shame they couldn't hide all this ... but know l realise they had so much "stuff" there was no room!

They just keep on coming.

One weekend l went, the volunteers were there, planting the poppies. One of which ... is mine!!!

The poppies come in parts, put together and then planted.

See what l mean, that there were a few people here, at the beginning!!

The weekend of November 2nd, we were 
 on the other side of the river. Look at those queues!!! They had to close the local Tube Station because
the crowds were so great. I wonder if the artist ever thought, his creation would become so powerful ?


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