Sunday, January 25, 2015

Play time and l learnt a lot, at the same time. :)

I found it very sad to see ALL these Christmas trees, on the side of the road. To grow, be cut down and then be thrown away, after being used for maybe just 4 weeks. Doesn't seem right some how.

Anyway back to January. It is cold and below freezing most days, here in Putney. The ice in my small teacups, outside the studio, have not thawed all week ... much to the children's delight.

I have been paying with my Geliplate and having SO much fun. Instead of using it to create things, l have just been experimenting. It has been so freeing ! :)


I had a disaster with the screen printing trial ... but l'll work it out. The piece of paper on the right, is what Pickfords, (the removal company), use as packing paper. I have just managed to aquire quite a bit of it and so decided to see what l could use it for. 

It prints well and takes acrylic paint well. I think it will sew well too.

Now l am now back to painting with Acylic on canvas and some paper. I decided that l need to go back to the beginning and really start back at the beginning. These two canvases have been painted with several layers of colour and red or yellow and red, applied on top. Then left to dry.

This large  canvas used to be black and white, until l was given it and gessoed over it. First step ... paint most of the canvas with deep blue, then a lighter blue and then mix together ... purple! Once dry ... add white. Then l laid paper over it and then l can use them later. 

These are some of the areas, where l laid the papers on.

I really enjoyed myself today!

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Carole Reid said...

You really did enjoy yourself! Lovely to see an artist having fun creating. Happy week to you.