Saturday, September 12, 2015

A grey sky, faries and dragons.

Today the weather was meant to be awful, as these three images would seem to say, was true! 

But no ... it was beautiful. I was very pleased it was, as l was holding an Art and Craft party today, mostly outside ! It was for a little 4 year old girl, which her family won, in a Christmas Raffle, last year.  It  was a mixed party so l decided to create Fairies and Dragons, in a box. I prepared an example for the children, so they would understand what they could do.

The night before I prepared some boxes and a fairy with a wand. And of course ... loads of glitter !

One fairy in a box plus of course ... l had to get the artist to sign her work.  :)

 Another wonderful fairy.

And a dragon in a box ... isn't it wonderful ?

This was a wonderful Art and Craft party.

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