Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Flying Boat experience and a Supermarket experience!

As a late Christmas present from our son and his wife, we went on a very exciting trip, today. The journey started at Rose Bay, to have a trip on  Flying boat. I had never been on a "small" plane before and was slight frightened, l have to admit.

Alfie didn't look to certain , either!

Today the company, had started the renovation work on the landing , so we had to go to the flying boat, by a small boat! Added to the adventure!

I was allowed to sit in the co-pilot's seat, which was rather exciting. 
And so the adventure starts!

Up, up and away!

Wow .... what sight.

Glad l knew where the exits were!

A steady hand on the control.

I had the most exciting time ... l want to go again. That was an amazing experience.
Phew! so much excitement in one day, best l have a decaf coffee !

Later in the day we went to Woollies, the supermarket my daughter-in-law works for. England could learn a thing or two about presentation, from these guys.

And of course Felix agrees, too!!

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