Monday, April 24, 2006

Images from "The Fireman" Series.
I was spending a few days in Paris and on my first day came up from the Metro straight in to this demonstration. Very loud with whistles and horns being blown, shouting and singing and flares being let off in the crowd! The air was thick with smoke from the flares as well as the many fires that had been lit.
At one end of the barricades were the Riot police and at the other end...the cleaning up crews! very organised!!I was a little nervous as the French have a law that means you are meant to ask permission before you take anyone's photograph!!!! Oh well...if you don't take chance, you may never get those fantastic images we all hope for. I managed to stay around for 3 hours or so ...then...l saw a rather large French policeman working his way through the crowd towards French! So l decided it was a good time move...rapidly! Enjoyed the day though.

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Good to see you enjoyed the day.