Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"The Theatrical Shoe Project"...Lost and Found.( I am going to post this article every days or so!)
This is the shoe l found on Tuesday evening (22nd March 2006) near to Putney East Tube Station,London. I have decided to turn it into a "Project". It is such a dramatic and theatrical shoe l have decided to look for the owner! I am going to turn this image into a poster and paste them all over London..a modern day "Cinderella".
When l found the shoe, it had just stopped raining for the first time in many hours and the shoe was soaking wet. Why was it abandoned, where is it's pair, how did the owner walk home in one shoe..that high? so many questions! Do you know who this shoe belongs to? It is a size 6 (English sizing).
If you see the poster OR you know the owner OR you just want to find out information on this project..send me a comment!


arlee said...

What a fabulous idea for a project! I've often wondered at the things i've seen in ditches and by the side of the road or hanging off a sign--how *did* Tallulah lose her shoe, Dave his underwear and little Flossie her favourite ribbon barrette?

Whitewhitch said...

Watch this space! Hopefully through posters, a street performance and this blog... just maybe...l may have the answer to whose's shoe it is!!!!!!!

Emilio Dib said...

mm cool. great picture. and good luck finding cinderella!

halloweenxmiss said...

i really like this idea as well.
Great shot!
Im thinking maybe...i could be wrong here , but maybe "Cinderella" threw the shoe out...?
although , in my opinion , it is quite a lovely and "theatrical" looking shoe