Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bits and pieces!

Before l start, just heard from my Dad that my Mum is not too good. Get well soon mum - we are thinking of you x

While walking home from Putney, l was thinking about an article l read the other day. It concerned City Life and how Nature has changed to enable it to survive in the City. The first image shows you how "Nature" is learning to cope in London. It is coping very well here in Putney, as you can see from this image of a 6inch concrete wall!

I had to laugh when l saw this group of rubbish on the grass verge.  For those of you who do not know, "Bulmers" is a cider drink, which means Apples! Now do you see why l laughed?

And l must boast again about my wonderful husband's attempts at laying his first wooden floor! This image is when it was not quite's finished now and l am so proud of him and my studio looks fantastic!!

Noticed this writing on the telephone box next to The Green Man pub. Is it a Tag? or, just some-one wanting us to know that this box is actually level? Ha! Why do people do it?

Last week we went to the big shopping centre Westfield, which l have to admit, l do not go to if l don't have to. It is a beautiful place but l feel it has no soul. I have seen the roof many times but today was the first time l could take an image without a security guard telling me to stop. I think it is great to be able to see what the sky looks outside and you are not so surprised when you go out and its dark now!
As we came out of the centre l noticed this house opposite. It appears that the curtain in the window is a design, NOT just hanging there! um..novel!
Saw this design on a wall ..wonder what it means?
When you think we have so many places to put "Rubbish"...why abandon this on the side of the road? Really annoys me the amount of "non household rubbish" that is now being just left on our roadsides and open spaces. End of rant..sorry!
I don't know if numberplates are not secured to cars as well as they used to be or maybe there are more accidents around here. Anyway, there seem to be so many more discarded number plates on the road or grass around here lately.  Here are just two of them .

At the bus stop l saw this young girl. It struck she appeared almost you know what l mean? Love the colours though.
You are never too old to learn about  technology and accept it into your life!

This graffiti seemed to appear overnight on a bus shelter window near me. I know most people don't like it but l have to admit, l do; and, I love taking images through it.

I also like taking images through non scratched glass too.
These snowdrops made me smile and think maybe Spring is not too far away..l hope! l wrote that  the weather report on the TV is making comments about frost and more rain!!!! Not happy!

And just to prove we do still have blue skies every few days or so..took this image...just after it had stopped raining..again!

Sorry this blog is a bit bitty today but sometimes that is just how it is!x Night


Tin Can Tart said...

OK Lynda do you think you and I should start up a anti littering campaign ? as it seems to be a recurrent theme on both of our blogs.
I am still envious of your courage to photograph people.And can you congratulate your husband as I have a husband who works with wood I can say the floor looks good.

lynda Howells said...

Yes he is quite pleased with himself..bless him!x litter is a problem these days isn't it? Although l have to admit that the Centre of london is a lot cleaner and tider than it was 10 or 15 years ago.x hopoe all is wellxxlynda

imac said...

Its nice to see urban shots with growth in.
Love that last shot of yours too.