Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring is come

Now l know Spring is on it's way..the crocuses are here! yeh! These have been planted in one of the troughs outside our main entrance.
 And the primroses are out too.
This is one of the cats that is on duty outside our flats....even at night!!!
 Isn't this the most beautiful red? and the leaves are just so amazing.
 Waiting for buses is soooooooo boring! "Anyone seen my bus"?
 This is is for a project that Photographer's Gallery is running. This image l hope represents The Banal. As in shopping and waiting for buses is so boring! And before you ask, no it is not a set up image!
I often go past this Church, as it is opposite Sainsbury's but l hadn't noticed before how beautiful the main window is.

Would like to see this window lit up, l bet it looks wonderful!

 I love lines and wires and this image says it all really. I am going to turn it into a print soon.
 I had to laugh when l saw this sticker on a window yesterday...wonder if they really do have a dog?

As l was walking down the street towards Putney Art School, l noticed that one particular house had been recently painted. Maybe that is why l had not noticed the following two sculptures, which are on the front facade of the house.
 This is the window between the two sculptures...think they may have just moved in!

 Is this a sign of the times in Putney? This house has suddenly put this "wall" and intercom up! Shame.
 Angry tourist or angry girlfriend / boyfriend? (Tony's comment was "Why not contact the Police? it is more likely to be a post mugging disposal!")

This is part of Purtney Art School overlooking the Railway Line. It has just had an extention put on it's roof and it has added to it's appearance l think. Think the blue sky helps make this image.

I wonder how l can manage to get this home to use in my Eco Rust Dyeing? Ha!
Don't you think this purple is beautiful?

This is where the above crocuses come from. 20 years ago there were just a few bulbs now this whole "Common" area is covered. They always come up at the end of the first week in Febuary and remind me Spring is just around the corner. When l come out of the main gates and see this view it always makes me smile.


Tin Can Tart said...

I always admire the fact that you are not worried about taking photos of people in the street.They are always so natural i would be worried that i would annoy someone. I love the crocus display how nice to have so many in one place.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love the crouses (croci?) and hyacinths and they make me miss Oregon which has a more similar climate to yours. There are no early Spring flowers in Florida.

I second what Tin Can said about your people photo skills. They are such good pictures and, really, respectful. But I can't even take pix of friends very well.

Lynda Howells said...

thank you for your kind words about my photography..l am in love with my camera! Ha!x

Tory Brokenshire said...

Lynda what great photos. The Banal, so nice I can feel their pain. And the pole with the lines I LOVE that one.I can't wait for my flowers thanks for all the views.

imac said...

Hi, you have a Very nice collection of photos here.Great mixture and colour.
My wife and I are in Lincolnshire.