Monday, August 01, 2011

A day visiting Winchester and ending by feeding horses!

Last week l took a young, lady friend to an annual religious festival near Alton in Hampshire. l had hoped to spend time with my 4 adopted grandchildren, who live near Salisbury, while waiting to pick her up again. However, the traffic decided that was not going to happen; therefore, plan B, l spent a  few interesting hours in Winchester seeing the Cathedral and just "looking"!
As l left the festival site l spotted some fungi. Of course l had to stop!! In fact l found several, the first were  around this very green mossy tree trunk!

Then l found this one, as it was standing very erect above the grass! Never seen one of these this tall before; and a little way away was another one that had been knocked down.

When l eventually got to Winchester, l realised l had forgotten how pretty the place is. Old buildings and beautiful hanging flower baskets everywhere.

As some of you may remember, l come from a military background, so when l saw this very smartly dressed Army Officer and his wife....l wondered where they were off too? You will find out later on in this entry.
There is a river running through the park and as you will see from the next two images...the water is VERY clear!!
Yes...this is looking down into the stream!!
Oh, another smartly dressed couple...wonder where they are going? Have always loved a man in a uniform or a kilt!!
Not sure, but l think this is the Town Hall. Isn't it an interesting building?
Colourful characters on the High Street.
I just had to take this image... classic isn't it? I wonder what the little girl was thinking as she listened to the musician, who was actually very good.
This amazingly decorated bike was advertising Winchester's fashion Week.

All l can say about this guy is... he has a lot of guts!!!!
Walking along the street l happened to look up and noticed this clock. Isn't it gorgeous?
One of the many interesting historical plaques to be found round this historical town.
Do you need to have some healing? Well here are the people to talk too... a  religious healing group. A bit too public l thought.
This group of students were entertaining the public with Beatles' songs... great voices and were being enjoyed by all ages.
Isn't this archway over the Avenue fun.....?
This is not a very impressive image of Winchester Cathedral but l found it a very difficult building to photograph.
Am not sure if this little girl was part of the wedding taking place but she did not look very happy!
Found out where the Army Office and Mr. Kilt were going...a Military Wedding in the Cathedral. These guys were practicing forming an Arch as Guard of Honour for the newly weds coming out of the Cathedral.
Love the Tattoo.
The Major and his Lady wife... thought her bouquet was amazing and so "Summer" looking!
I thought her dress and train were just gorgeous and really suited her.
The Bride and Groom exited the Cathedral to be greeted by the Guard of Honour's Arch of Swords. There were loads of tourists taking images and clapping the couple!
The inside of the Cathedral is just so beautiful and very calming. I am not a religious person but l am a  spiritual one. I don't go to church services but l do love visiting religious buildings.
The following images are of some of the amazing places inside the Cathedral.

This is the Shrine of Samuel Wilberforce, the Bishop of Winchester, who is actually buried in Lavington, Sussex.

This is such a quiet and peaceful area in the church...beautiful.
What an amazing pattern on this part of the ceiling. I could have walked round looking up at the ceiling for ages but it did make me feel a bit dizzy! ha!
What an interesting, modern version of the crucifix.
Not sure what this box is for or what it holds but it is high up on a ledge, above one of the alters. There were several of them and all decorated differently...beautiful.

This is where the choir sit normally but today though, this is where the wedding guests sat.
The wedding took part in this area of the church, the altar can be seen and also the huge arrangement of sunflowers for the wedding.

Couldn't resist trying this ...the mirror was so you could see a certain part of the ceiling decoration!! When will l grow up? Ha!
The photographer and the bride!
After coming out of the cathedral l wandered around town and came across these sandals!

Was held up for quite a while when trying to get back to Alton in Hampshire!

Old fashioned station entrance.

Well eventually l got to Alton and waited... and waited... and waited and waited. The "sermon" went on and on and on! So instead of finishing at 5pm it didn't actually finish till 7.30 and then there was a bus journey for the participants back to the carpark which took 30 mins.  Poor girl was so embarrassed but it wasn't her fault. Actually, l had lots to read, sew or listen to and l was fascinated by the evening light. As you will see from the next images... what a beautiful evening light.

On the way home l stopped beside a field because my friend became excited when she saw saw some horses. I taught her how and she fed and stroked them. A really happy ending to the day. 

One happy lady!


layers said...

My goodness you have a LOT of images here... they certainly brought back memories of my trip to London and Scotland 2 years ago.. my middle son married a girl from Scotland and we went over to their wedding.. and there were several men there wearing kilts... very lovely.

lynda Howells said...

thanks for visiting and l am glad l bought back some nice memories for you.
love your blog layers by the way.x lynda

Mary said...

Lynda your candid photos as always just perfect.As for Winchester I visited the cathedral when I was in my early twenties while waiting for a friend. I have never forgotten my time there it was wonderful.