Saturday, August 06, 2011

Nostalgia visit to "the seaside" near Chichester

Be warned folks, this is a

Off to the Witterings for the day because of beaches with sand instead of pebbles. We passed these racing pigeons en-route to the start of a race... Wonder where they were going to; and where they were from?

We went through a newly opened tunnel that allows the A3 to by-pass Hindhead.
This is the bridge you see when you come out of the Tunnel, l think it is an amazing design.
Love this image in my rear view mirror.
This sign always makes me smile.....
As we getting near to the beaches and look what l see.....a queue!

The start of a huge carpark!
Isn't this litle girl cute..?...she was chatting the whole way along the road.
This is was in the carpark ...a BBQ here...why fight the crowds on the beach. Ha!
These beach huts were all painted and very clean. It was nice to see rather than the beach huts l have seen on other beaches lately, which are often dilapidated.
This is the first thing we saw when we came past the beach huts to reach the sand.
Then, this is what we see!
This little boy was digging to Australia........

Don't you just love this blue?
Just wonder how people manage to carry that many black rings to the beach? 
This image of a young girl sunbathing made me stop in my tracks. I find it hard to see little girls sunbathing at such a young age. Also l couldn't have managed to get my daughter to sit still that long let alone lie down that long!! Hope she had a good sunscreen on.

This chair was and is so comfortable... Thanks Andrew.
Tony sorted out how to make the chair stable...thanks love.
Then he sorted my chair as well..what would l do without him?
The hole getting nearer and nearer the expression on the older boy's face!
I was glad to see this... reminded me of my children doing the same thing in France years ago when we were on holiday there. Gives me some hope for this generation despite the silly health and safety rules.

Trust Tony to place our chairs here! Ha
I was amazed at how many tents were on the beach, it looked like a camp site.
Granny was having a hard time trying to keep the young child from getting in the deep hole too.
Big brother encouraging his young brother to help him dig the hole.
Granny was trying to make the children wear hats... Not an easy task as most mothers will know.
Back in the day, when we went to the beach we just took a few sandwiches, a rug to sit on and a bucket and spade or two. Then you see the next image! There were other members of this family with yet more stuff!! Sometimes l think with all this "stuff" what joy is there to have at the beach when you are tired to start with?! Ha!

I was surprised to see how many people were trying to push prams onto the beach. Even with these rough terrain buggies, it is not easy!
I do like the idea this person has .... a large kite/ballon on a long no matter how far away you are on the can find your parents/wife/granny easily!
Oh!...the tide is coming in and people were having to move quite quickly!
Can you see how low this guy is wearing his tousers, in this image. How can they walk with their trousers that low and still walk without them falling down?

This one is for my son Andrew!
Love this image. When my children were young in the 70's, they never wore clothes on the beach. Now it is the parents who wear hardly any clothes and the children are all covered up. I understand that we have to be careful with using suncream lotions...but why do we need to cover then from head to foot? Hats... yes but head to foot body wear... why? I know now we are worried about "strange " men but it is such a shame. Do you realise in the UK we now have cases of Ricketts (a vitamin D deficiency) once again because children are not outside enough these days.

Then we went off to search the rest of the beach.........gorgeous sand.
Love the colour of the grass in this image.

Further along the beach from West Wittering with the sand, along to East Wittering that had stones and some sand.
This was the entrance to one of the amazing, very expensive houses along the beach front.

Time for a quick rest l think.
I don't think this person is playing fair when building his sand castles!
What a sense of humour this household has. A bath and shower outside the house, normallyseen in many warm overseas places l have lived in BUT in the UK?!!!!!!
Fun being had by all late in the warm evening air. Mind you this beach area is well know for being windy. It did not fail to-day!!!!!!! Warm sun, blue skies but quite a strong breeze!
This was a quirky tea shop we found..full, and l mean full, of teapots.

Pity you cannot see this on a video as the wind was blowing so hard, all the windmills were moving at an amazing speed. The noise was quite something too.
On the walk back to the sandy beach and the Mini, noticed this face on a chimney.
A very fluffy, fat and purring grey cat on the wall of one of the very few delapidated houses on this beach front.
Quite a few horses in and around the beach area. I just loved the colour of this one.
Kite Boarder getting his machine sorted before he started to ride it. These guys must have such strong arms and stomach to control these machines especially as the wind here is so strong.

Love the patterns the sea has made into the sand. Was very calming to watch the sea slowly weaving its way down the beach.
I wonder what smell our mini was producing that meant other cars stayed away from us! Ha

Some people really do seem to bring the kitchen sink with them when they come out for the day!
This family appear to have enjoyed their day on the beach.
On the way home we picked up Fish and Chips and found a layby to stop and eat them. The views were beautiful and the clouds were very strange.

Night folks. x


Cath said...

Lovely post Lynda, and some great pics. We discovered this area last summer, and just loved it. Will be hopefully taking our daughter and grandson later this year when they visit from new Zealand.
Cath x

Mary said...

Great Photos Lynda as always. My next post will be the same why do I take so many photos.

lynda Howells said...

We take so many images mary because we find life just so exciting and interesting....x
Hope you have a great viait Cathxx