Sunday, September 18, 2011

Trip to see David.

Off to see our good friend David and the traffic decided not to be kind to us... eventually it cleared and the rest of the journey up towards Birmingham was great.
 Don't see this very often...wonder who was in the car?
 Oh! weather does not look good and, in fact, the weather hit us an hour or so later. Such rain, was hard to see the motorway.
Stopped at a Service Station and had a coffee and a sandwich to keep us going. This is a very restful place to sit for a while and recover from the Motorway traffic and it's drivers..
 This is an image of a bird of prey that suddenly seemed to fall out of a tree with prey in it's mouth. I didn't see this but Tony did. It then seemed to take flight straight up from the verge and l just caught it in the corner of my eye. This is the shot l got and the next 2 images. Not brilliant but l am glad l caught them.

 Every time l go past this memorial, which always has fresh flowers, l mean to stop and see who it is for. Every time the traffic gets in the way and l am unable to stop. Maybe next time.

 Just opposite David's house, there is a garden with the most amazing crop of huge sunflowers!

David's house was built around the 14th century and in time it has been a pub and we think it has been used in a cottage industry nail manufactory among other things. All beams and wonderful nooks and crannies. With this house he also has 7 acres of land.  This wonderful rusty piece of machine ( just think what l could eco-dye with this rusty piece of machinery!!) is one of many gorgeous old things in his "garden".

 There are many windows like this all over the building.
 Magical steps to the area above the garage!
 We had the keys and so we attempted to open the door. Bark, Bark, Bark came from inside and then....

This popped out! Some guard dog! hello Bonnie.

These following images are some of David's land. He built up this  amazing garden from scratch really is beautiful.

The river at the bottom of the garden. 

 Some of the wonderful coloured stones which have been uncovered in David's garden.

 We tried to take Bonnie for a walk... she got excited but then decided, we presume as David was not back, she had to stay and guard the house... Bless! I think it is rather sweet that she jumps up on to the table for you to stroke her! See, she thinks we old people need to be taken care of!!! Smart, these dogs.

 This is one of two cats David and Sue have...Killwillie...a real character!
Off we go to walk around the Estate with 2 cats and a dog in tow. I swear the cats think they are dogs! These are the buildings were David keeps his machinery, in other words... Big Boys' toys!

 I remember when this pond had just been dug... it now looks beautiful and really well established
 The area in which David starts off all his amall trees and plants.

I love Honesty plants but don't see them very often these days. In the garden there are lots of them, l collected a few to use later in my Art work.
Just love this image.

Now what do you think this is........David has just built these stables for Llama's.
 And here they are..........two stables.

 This is Cleo the other cat..what amazing eyes she has, so green.

 This is to be a flat above the stables....l am so jealous because it would make a wonderful studio and that!
 The animals guarding our time in the flat...very sweet.

Autumn has started..shame.

When we came back from our walk, Bonnie was covered in burrs and other bits of greenery. So clean up time..which she didn't like..poor bonnie!
Getting a cuddle for being so good.
 Saw this just as l was leaving and pretty.

On the drive home l saw my studio being delivered..yeh some hope! Ha! I can dream you know!

Don't see this very often..a barge in a petrol station on the Motorway. l know l am nearly home.


Mary said...

I do so love your photo journeys,and what a wonderful place to visit.I agree with you about honesty as a child everybody had honesty ,the Chinese lanterns and the paper parcels to unwrap what happy memories.

Tina Gilmore said...

Such beautiful photos as usual Lynda, you have such a knack of picicking out gorgeous things. I like the Barge at the garage and the dog in the cat flap made me giggle. xx