Monday, September 26, 2011

Visiting Kent and Marle Place.

A little while ago we went to Kent to visit Tony's Godmother, Elizabeth, who is in a Care Home in Paddock Wood. I have to admit this first image made me giggle! Later on l realised this was the back entrance but still thought it was funny! A Department store?... Please!

 You know you are in Kent when you start to see Oast houses everywhere. These were used originally as kilns for drying and storing the hops that flavour beers; most have now been converted into homes. I have always wanted to live in one but they are normally out of our price range.
 A beautiful, clean and fast stream runs through the town. So beautifully green and there were small fishes and some water boatmen in there too.
 The magical county that is Kent!
 This vehicle made me giggle, it looks as if it is being driven from the back... if you see what l mean. Think it was from France.
 As we were going home, we saw a notice for a Sculpture park and gardens at a Country off we went to see it. It was SO worth it. It was an amazing exhibition. The House is called Marle Place and, as well as an amazing garden, they have a coffee shop and a swimming pool you can sit around and just chill. The exhibition is only on till end of this month unfortunately, l would have liked to have gone back. My camera battery ran out half way round..bummer! here follows a few of the amazing sculptures that were scattered throughout the garden. I could have stayed there all day!

 I know this is not one of the exhibitions but l had to giggle....a plant pot in a cage!

 This image shows part of the actual house...gorgeous.
 this is the Artist's studio which seems to be shared by 3 artists... l was very jealous.

 Just LOVE these seed heads... nature's own art.

 Just love these seed heads which are Artichokes.
 Sunflowers l think are beautiful at all their stages of life and death.
 Nature's own Art.


Just an amazing experience.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hi Lynda -- your posts are always so amazing. I would make about 50 posts out of this trip --so many wonderful things to see -- I want to go to Kent!!

You know what I loved best was seeing the oast housess. I know that word from (American) crosswords -- even knew the definition, but I've never seen one. Didn't know they had made houses out of them. They grow hops here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, but however they dry them it isn't in one of those neat buildings.

Mary said...

Your tours are always quite magical.