Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An outing and some personal art!

This week l went back to my old art college Wimbledon School of Art, to see an old friend of mine complete her MA.


There were some great pieces of work from the MA students and l have included some of them here.

 To complete the MA Exhibition, Mother Nature had to add her own piece....maybe the best in the show?

Look what l rescued from a bin in town today! They will make wonderful printing tools.

Just started Silk Painting again, my word l am rusty! Decided l would try a different pattern and experiment with loads of fish!

Almost finished.

While they were drying l went out and picked some of my Indigo leaves to try an experiment. They are now boiling in water and have been for over an hour.

Am happy with what l am seeing!

This is the finished Fish Silkpainting that l was not happy with

 the other day. While after much thinking and then more work on it.....I am now happy with it!

So a pretty successful week on the personal Art front and a great week with the children in the studio. What more could an Artist ask more?  More money l hear you shout!! Hax


Ginny Huber said...

More money would be great! And the work from the MA students and Mother Nature and Lynda all lovely to see!

lynda howells said...

thank you ginnyxxx

Kyra said...

I agree, more money! :) I like the pink petal pattern on the wall, and it's interesting that the artists are all playing with overflow onto the floor or into the windows!