Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Part 2 of our day out at Battersea.

This is the second part of my visit to Battersea power Station. I have always wanted to get this near to this amazing building. It has noit dissapointed me.Wow. I do wish they could leave it as it is and use it for events and a party. Unfortunetly they are turning it into flats etc....horrible.

So beautiful.

This is part of the pop up event. I tried these seats ... not comfortable at all !

This young man was trying hard to see how these chairs were stuck to the ground. Very funny to watch!

My very comfortable shoes!  

This lady was an artist and we spent a long time chatting.

This was a boat,  two guys were going to do some sort of challenge in but l have forgotten what ... oops!. 

This guy cooked the best chicken burger l have ever tasted.

This is the building connected to all these pop up events.

These were gardens in metal trunks and if you went to their web site, you could hear music for each trunk...interesting.

Love this pattern.

A last look at that wonderful rusty crane ... sigh!

Three buoys in a row!

The Budda beside the Thames!

The park next door.

There we found a secret garden and it was amazing.

So many bees.

Another artist at work.

Fancy living in this house in the park ... sigh!

Can you see the two huge dogs and the cow?

Don't you just love this pink scooter?

My husband used to be in the Army, so this made us smile!

Beautiful Albert Bridge.

Love this sign!

This building looks as if it should be in Amsterdfam!

This one is for my son!

This is a beautiful street, in the heart of London.

A cute small door in a wall!

Watching the cricket!

Then we had lunch, talked about our amazing day, before we caught the bus home to Putney.

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sharon young said...

What a wonderful post, you should work for the London tourist board. As a London phobic I only ever go when there's a very good reason, exhibitions etc and I've never seen any of these beautiful places, thank you for the tour.