Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The trip to Battersea Power Station pt1

Last weekend, Tony and l decided to go and visit the latest Battersea "Pop-Up "Event! While we were waiting for a bus, we saw a road /pavement cleanup truck.... on a Sunday?!!!! 

The first view of Battersea Power Station. This is one of the nicest views l have seen of this wonderful building in a  long time.

Don't see one for ages then two roll up! :)

So this is where Nimo ended up!

Don't know why l love lines and rust but l love the stuff!

We got off this bus at the stop we thought was the right wasn't!

After we got off the bus, we walked around a bit and then found a map! yeah! Looked though a gate and look what l saw.

Um...l  promise we are still in Battersea!

Love the design they use for this home.

Interesting sign!

We looked for the temporary bridge and then there it was. But it was the wrong end...if you see what l mean! :)

The arrow points the way!

Proof of shipping going on here!

This building can sometimes appear to be very powerful and threatening!

An Art Intervention!

The walkway leading up to the "Pop-in" area.

This dad was having a race with his son..they were going quite fast actually. Great to see.

For the whole time l have lived in london, which is around 13 years, l have wanted to get near this rusty crane. And today l managed it, l was SO excited.

It didn't disappoint!

What l would do to wrap this in fabric and see what rust patterns appear!
More tomorrow.


Carole said...

Ohhhhh call me when you get your hands on the crane. I'd love to see what would come of it!

sharon young said...

What a fabulous post, I can see why you were so excited about the crane, it's amazing. Looking forward to your next installment.

Terrie said...

Open eye for the power station with arts. The cat and dog sign caught my sight.