Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some more images from Melbourne!

This is some more of my visit to Melbourne!
What a great way to use up old LP's!

This is one of the many amazing sculptures round this city.

And this is another one!

There are also some amazing buildings here too!

Oh look ... just like Boris bikes!

Oh look  ... a real wooden helmet ... cool !

An Art Gallery ... stunning !

Some more of the many pieces of Street Art around this city!

Doesn't this make you hungry ?

Rides around the town ... day or night !

This banner confused me slightly !

I did find this 6ft something statue, watching us,  rather intimidating, as we eat our lunch in the cafe !



sharon young said...

Once again your wonderful images have enthralled me, I love the piece with the riot policeman riding a unicorn and the black and white wall painting is stunning, thank you so much for sharing your visits.

Annette said...

Did some one help you with the rhino ad? It's about watching out for the trams, being hit by a tram would be like being hit by a rhino basically! I grew up near Melbourne and spent a lot of time in the city. It's nice to see it from a visitors point of view. hugs