Friday, February 21, 2014

What have we been doing since we came back from Australia ?

On Sunday, the weather was beautiful, so we went to Kew Gardens. We had the loan of a five month old baby for the weekend and so we were very happy! Practicing grandparents. :)

Another reason we went to Kew, was it was the annual Orchid Festival.

Colour co-ordinated!

Pink Pineapples?

Didn't think it was as good as last year but still beautiful. 
Back outside again!

Spotted this Peacock by the lake. Lots of people didn't notice him and just walked straight past him!

Then we left Kew Gardens, going home via Richmond Park. We saw very few deer but a lot of water, not surprisingly!!

Then we got to play again, with our little bundle of joy!!

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sharon young said...

Wow! That's a big undertaking, a five month old for a whole weekend, I bet you were pretty tied at the end of it.
The orchid festival looks amazing, thanks for sharing it.