Monday, May 26, 2014

My wet walk home !

Today l walked home from my studio ...and got very wet. But that didn't stop me from watching what was going on around me. I was so wet, that l couldn't get much wetter! :)
This my road home ... ! Today it is unusually empty but then it is Bank Holiday Monday silly.

Bubbles all around ! 

Red and yellow.

I love snails.

The woods are taking over the path.

Wonder who put this here and why !

For those the ask me if l always where sandels ... yes, even in the rain !! :) 

Can you see the oil in the water?

Beautifully decorated snail.

Yet another snail.

Very delicate looking.

They get every where.

So tiny !

Wonder what was in this tiny bag !

Love this yellow.

So pretty.

Beautiful purple.

Thisles just blooming.

Lost !

Outside my flats.

So bright.

Love the pink and black together ... very unusal.

Flowers waiting to be planted, into my garden flats.

Oh dear ... doesn't look good !

Love Iris's.

So simple and so beautiful.

Now home, VERY wet but happy ! :)


Helen Percy Lystra said...

I came here from your other blog, loved what I saw there and your photos here are great too.

Carole Reid said...

Flowers look amazing with rain drops on their petals!

Lynda Howells said...

thanks to both of youx :)