Sunday, May 04, 2014

Our little adventure on Bank Holiday Saturday !

We are off on an adventure..... !
Saw this building on the way there. Wisteria growing up the side of a building... Stunning.

We are here ! Whitstable !!!

Perhaps l could paint this corridor with Street Art, like in Melbourne!!!! Cheer the place up !


Mum and daughter dressed the same ... causing chaos on the high street.  Queue of traffic behind them. Not the best thing to do, on a Saturday and a Bank Holiday !!!

Wow ... look at these knitted and crochetted bikes .......... they are amazing !!!!

Look what l managed to buy, from a charity shop. It was actually closed but l persuaded them to open and sell them to me. :)

Yeh... the sea and in the distance, wind turbines !

Isn't this a super stencil, on the side of one of the buildings, on the habour.

The craft market.

Can you see the cat and dog baskets, on this boat? So cute !

Love these colours.

Mending his nets.

The sign outside the Fish market. Can you see the starling, who has just been drinking from the apron's pocket? :)

Inside the Fish Market. The prices are very high!!!!

Today's forecast.

Love this !

What Whitstable is famous for ... Oysters !

Holiday homes.

 The British on holiday !!!

A Memorial Bench for a Peace leader but l have forgotten his name. :(

Another memorial bench but l wonder if this couple realise it ?

A pirate boat ! :)

A fish skeleton.

Back towards our mini. More beach huts.

Someone's little collection.


Look what we saw on the way home ... 2 hot air balloons.

What an amazing day.


Carole Reid said...

Thanks for taking us along with you! I had a great time enjoying each photo. Until next time.

Lynda Howells said...

Thank you Carole x